Aug 9, 2019

The moving sacrifice of Mothra was key to Godzilla's victory over Ghidorah

At first, Ghidorah beated Godzilla with all his three heads, making the dinosaur fall down. Godzilla then breathed the blue flame to push Ghidorah away. Mothra casted a blast just in time, making Ghidorah's heads stuck to the building.


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...Overwhelming Ghidorah, Mothra was going to make another blast to end the battle but Rodan showed up and attacked her. She was seriously burnt by Rodan's thermal power obsorbed from years living under the volcanos, but managed to escape the deadly bites.

Cleverly she defeated him by piercing her leg through his chest unexpectedly, making him fall down from top of the building and be absent from the battle since then.

The balance changed when the dragon obsorbed the mass lectric power and got much stronger, knocked out Godzilla and brougt him up  the sky to be dropped down deadly.

When Ghidorah was going to end the powerless Godzilla laying on the ground, heavily-wounded Mothra sacrifed herself to save him. Her lifeforce dust fell down and was obsorbed by Godzilla, feeding him with energy to him for the later recovery. It was her energy resurrected him and empowered him.

Godzilla then turned himself into a furnaced form, defeated the dragon with deadly blasts, obviously in the wing-shaped energy typical of Mothra.

In the credits of the movie, we saw an article titled "MONARCH FINDS MASSIVE EGG". Could giant insect egg be a second
Mothra or something else?

So, we have the reason to hope that Mothra would come back in future Godzilla movies ....