Oct 30, 2019

Jason Momoa Plays a Great Blind Warrior in Apple TV's "See" Series

The film is set in a fictional far future of several centuries, when a virus ravages humanity. The few surviving humans suffer from blindness, and mankind live in darkness for several centuries in which all civilizations have been destroyed or forgotten.


Human society is fundamentally transformed, as people have to find new ways to adapt when their visual ability is no longer available: how they interact, hunt, build shelters and ... live together with nature and in nature.

Jason Momoa plays Baba Voss who lives in such a blind tribe, when his wife gives birth to twins who are granted with the ability to see that humanity has long lost. Fears arise in the tribe that the mysterious darkness will come and cast shadow on them.

Rumors spread to the tyrannical and cruel queen, who for years feared that the arrival of someone who could see in the world of blindness would bring an end to the kingdom she is ruling. The Queen applies all available means to capture the two children.

Baba Voss is determined to protect his two children and leads the tribe to fight fiercely against the Queen's army of witchfinders. Gradually, his brave journey facilitates the alliances with many other tribes, carrying out a long march to overthrow this woman's ruling.

In this series, Jason has a wild and primitive appearance that closely resembles the character of Khal Drogo in the hit show Game of Thrones by HBO. He is far away from demigod good looking in Aquaman - the King of the Atlantis.


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