Jul 11, 2021

300: Rise of the Empire - The Epic Sea Battle of Salamis between Greeks and Persians BC 🎥

300: Rise of an Empire is a 2014 American epic action film directed by Noam Murro, written and produced by Zack Snyder. It is a sequel to the 2007 film "300", however the events in the two films take place almost in parallel, and the later is based on the historical Battle of Artemisium and Battle of Salamis.

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In 490 BC, the emperor Darius I of Persia devastated the cities of Ionia and sent a fleet to destroy the Greeks. Travelling on ships, the Persians landed at Attica and were defeated by the Greeks led by the Athenian General Miltiades at the Battle of Marathon.

Ten years later, Darius' successor, Emperor Xerxes I, sent a large army overland to Greece. After being held back by the Spartan King Leonidas I at the Battle of Thermopylae, Xerxes managed to turn defeat into victory, killing Leonidas I and entering Attica, defeating and burning down Athena.

The Athenians withdrew from the city by sea, and under Themistocles' command they defeated the Persian fleet at the Battle of Salamis. A year later, the Greeks, led the Spartan General Pausanius, defeated the Persians at Plataea.


According to Queen Gorgo, during the Battle of Marathon 10 years ago, Themistocles of Athena (Sullivan Stapleton) was the one who shot the arrow that decisively killed King Darius of Persia. Darius' son Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) witnessed his father's death and was told by his father not to continue the war because "only the gods can defeat the Greeks".
Darius' Navy commander Artemisia told Xerxes that Darius' last words "were not a warning...but a challenge" and sent Xerxes on a journey through the desert. Xerxes eventually reached a cave and bathed in an otherworldly liquid, transforming himself into an 8-foot (2.5-meter) tall "God-King". Xerxes returned to Persia and declared war on Greece to avenge his father.


Artemisia (Eva Green) was born Greek, but defected to Persia when her entire family was raped and murdered by Greeks. She was made a sex slave and then discarded on the street.

She was saved and adopted by a Persian messenger, training in combat skills. Artemisia rose to prominence as an assassin with Persia's top swordsmanship skills and was quickly adopted by King Darius, who made her the naval commander after she slained many of his enemies.

Artemisia has an undying hatred for Greece and the Greeks, and she vowed to return as the land is in a sea of ​​fire and blood.


As Xerxes' infantry force advances towards Thermopylae, Themistocles meets the Athenian Council and persuades them to provide him with a fleet to engage the Persians at sea. Themistocles then goes to Sparta to ask King Leonidas for help, but by that time Leonidas had gone to the high mountains to consult the Ephors.

Themistocles then leads his fleet of fifty ships and several thousand men, including Scyllias, Scyllias' son Calisto, and general Aeskylos to the Aegean Sea, beginning the Battle of Artemisium. The soldiers of Athens are mostly peasants, unlike the Spartans who are the most skilled warriors in Greece.

On the first day, they use the tactic of ramming their ships into the Persian ships, causing them to sink. The next day, the Greeks feign their retreat and take the advantage of the fog to lure a unit of Persian ships into a rock trap.

The Greeks attack the Persian ships from the cliffs above and make them completely overwhelmed.


Impressed with Themistocles' battle talent, Artemisia invites him aboard her ship for negotiation, and asks him to submit to the Persians, becoming Artemisia's deputy - the No. 2 in Persian Navy.

The attraction of each other cause Themistocles and Artemisia to plunge into a long, passionate and violent love affair. However, after having fun, Themistocles refuses Artemisia's offer.


Angry at Themistocles' refusal after their making love, Artemisia resolve to destroy the Athenian fleet at all costs.

The Persians pour tar into the sea and send suicide bombers to swim to the Greek ships with fire bombs. Next, Artemisia and the gunner fire burning arrows and hurled flame torches to ignite the tar, creating a firestorm that engulf the Greek ships.

Themistocles is thrown into the sea in an explosion and nearly drowned before being rescued by Aeskylos. Believing Themistocles was dead, Artemisia withdraws her ships.


After recovering from his wounds, Themistocles learn that only a few hundred warriors and six ships survived from the attack. Themistocles is also informed that Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and the 300 Spartans had died in battle after Ephialtes betrayed the Greeks to follow Xerxes.
Themistocles returns to Athens and is told by Ephialtes that Emperor Xerxes planned to attack and burn down Athens. Themistocles visits the widowed Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) in Sparta to ask for help, but Gorgo is angry that the goal of a united Greece has cost her and her people so much, including her husband's life.

Before departing, Themistocles gives Gorgo the sword of Leonidas delivered by Ephialtes, with the reminder of "revenge".


Upon learning that Themistocles was still alive, Artemisia immediately gathers all of her navy for the battle at Salamis, despite Xerxes' dissuade that it could be a trap.

The remaining Greek ships ram the Persian ships, and the two sides engage, beginning the decisive Battle of Salamis. Themistocles and Artemisia dueled, but their fighting are evenly matched and both are seriously injured.
At this time, Queen Gorgo suddenly appears with Sparta's fleet of ships, along with ships from many Greek cities including Delphi, Thebes, Olympia, Arcadia.

They set up a siege of the Persian navy.

According to history, a year after the Battle of Salamis, the Greeks, under the Spartan general Pausanius, defeated the Persians at Plataea. Athens then turned to drive the Persians out of the Aegean Sea, and gradually acquired much land, power and wealth to become the center of power in Greece.

Lena Headey (Cersei - Game of Thrones)...Queen Gorgo



Gerard Butler...Leonidas
David Wenham...Dilios
Lena Headey (Cersei - Game of Thrones)...Queen Gorgo
Giovanni Cimmino...Pleistarchus
Dominic West...Theron
Vincent Regan...Captain Artemis
Tom Wisdom...Astinos
Andrew Tiernan...Ephialtes
Rodrigo Santoro...King Xerxes
Peter Mensah (Spartacus)...a Persian messenger
Kelly Craig...Pythia Oracle
Eli Snyder...young Leonidas
Tyler Neitzel...young Leonidas
Robert Maillet...Über Immortal
Rodrigo Santoro...King Xerxes
Sullivan Stapleton...Themistocles
Eva Green...Artemisia
Caitlin Carmichael...8-year-old Artemisia
Jade Chynoweth...13-year-old Artemisia
Jack O'Connell...Calisto
Hans Matheson...Aeschylus
Callan Mulvey...Scyllias
David Wenham...Dilios
Yigal Naor...King Darius I
Ben Turner...General Artaphernes
Ashraf Barhom...General Bandari
Christopher Sciueref...General Kashani