FILMELYπŸ¦‹: Apple TV's See Season 2 Episode 1: The Beginning of the Trivantes - Paya War πŸŽ₯

Aug 27, 2021

Apple TV's See Season 2 Episode 1: The Beginning of the Trivantes - Paya War πŸŽ₯

In the "Brothers and Sisters" episode of the See Seasion 2 on Apple's TV, in Trivantes, Baba Voss goes on an adventurous journey to infiltrate the country's military base in order to rescue his daughter Haniwa; meanwhile, Queen Kane brings an army of Witchfinders to Pennsa and makes it the new capital of the Payan Kingdom.

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In Trivantes

The mysterious General Commander who tried to buy back Haniwa from Jemanerel in Season 1 is finally revealed as Edo Voss - Baba Voss' brother. Edo's purpose is to use Haniwa as bait to lure Baba back to the Trivantes, in a trap that Edo had set up, for revenge.

Baba Voss, after killing a squad of border guards on the Trivantes-Paya border, disguises himself as a captain to infiltrate the city. Baba leaves Kofu and Paris at the border on Paya's side and promises to return 7 days later.

In Trivantes, he turns to an old friend who is a blacksmith to find a way to save Haniwa.

After determining that Haniwa might be imprisoned on the 3rd floor of the military base, Baba Voss follows a coal-fired tunnel to break in, but he is betrayed by the guide who wants to capture him for a reward.

Baba Voss easily overwhelms Trivantes' troops but is eventually captured after being outspokenly pinned his locations by a boy who has visions.

In Paya Kingdom

Queen Kane brings her army to Pennsa City which is under the rule by Lord Harlan, and wishes to make it the new Capital of the Kingdom, and to make Harlan's mansion her own castle. Harlan has to give in because his army could not stand up to the Witchfinders force.

Harlan had heard rumors about the truth happening in the devastated Kanzua Capital and seeks out Magthra to exploit the facts. However, she does not reveal the truth.

To avoid the long and dreamy nights, Kane quickly convenes a speech to the people of Pennsa, declaring it the New Capital and slandering the neighboring Trivantians as the one who attacked and razed Kanzua. From here, Kane declares war on the Trivantes.

Kane also hinted that she is carrying a fetus of God - predicting that the baby will be born with the ability to see. This means that Kane is contemplating having sex with Boots to get pregnant.




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