FILMELY: Does The Suicide Squad 2 prune Justice League to the Void in DCEU? 👦

Aug 8, 2021

Does The Suicide Squad 2 prune Justice League to the Void in DCEU? 👦

While the 2016 Suicide Squad had pretty close links with Jack Snyder's Justice League, the movie 2021 is almost completely separate from the latter.

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The first Suicide Squad movie sets the time clearly after Superman's death and the government found the need for a Task Force X to handle crises with a supernatural element. In the film, Batman appeared to defeat and arrest Deadshot, and Flash dealt with  Boomberang.

The 2016 movie was even intended to reveal that the Enchantress villain was being controlled by Steppenwolf - the main antagonist of the Justice League (2017 and 2021). But this detail was dropped after the Justice League's story changed.

Meanwhile, The Suicide Squad 2021 has almost no connection to the Justice League, and no superheroes appeared as cameo.

The only relevant detail we know of is that Superman Clark Kent is in the ICU - ie undergoing intensive medical care after being hit by Bloodsport's kryptonite bullet.

Thus, maybe the context of Suicide Squad 2 is set after the Justice League, when Superman was resurrected, and they teamed up to defeat Steppenwolf ... A while after that impressed battle, Superman is shot and disabled by Bloodsport.

The unity and consistency of the DCEU cinematic universe is generally quite weak. However, we hope future DCEU movies will explain why Bloodsport went up against Superman, and how he got the kryptonite to take down the most powerful superhero on the planet. Also, how is the situation of Superman now in the DCEU?




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