Aug 3, 2021

Jason Momoa wraps filming for Apple TV's See Season 3 and starts with Aquaman 2 📆

Jason Momoa has just posted the video "London Calling" on his Instagram to say goodbye and gratitude to the Apple TV's See film crew after finishing filming Season 3 of this series in Canada. He is currently in London preparing to shoot the movie "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom".

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Season 2 of Apple TV's See is set to air on July 28, 2021. With filming completed, fans anticipate Season 3 to air in the summer of 2022.

Meanwhile Warner Bros's Aquaman 2, directed by James Wan, is slated for release on December 16, 2022. The information about the preliminary script has not been announced yet.

If Aquaman 2 is linked to the Justice League universe directed by Jack Snyder (SnyderVerse), from the title of the film it can be surmised that Mera and Aquaman will battle a lost kingdom deep in the ocean named The Unseen, while trying to unify all the kingdoms of Atlantis. 

In this mission, Aquaman's mother (Nicole Kidman) will have a significant supporting role.

The cast list has confirmed the survival and return of the two main villains in the previous film, Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Orm (Patrick Wilson). It is unclear whether they will become allies or continue to be enemies plotting to kill Aquaman as before, and whether the vision of Aquaman being killed in Cyborg's Knightmare will ever happen.

In the video "London Calling", Jason said he will have to part with his long brown-blond hair (associated with the character Baba Voss) to prepare a new look for the character as the King of Atlantis.



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