Aug 3, 2021

Jungle Cruise 2021: a mix of fairy tale, adventure and mummy-come-back 🎥

Jungle Cruise 2021 bears some styles of a fairy tale movie mixed with some "mummy" factors in the journey to discover the secrets of a flower called Tears of the Moon that grows from the Tree of Life. The legends says that flower can heal all diseases, remove all curses and even make people immortal.

@ Jungle Cruise. The movie will be shown in theaters and on Disney+ from July 30, 2021 or follow the link near the bottom of the article. 

Jungle Cruise
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Set in the early 20th century at a time when female scholars were rarely recognized and respected in the scientific community, the fearless, brave and scared-of-water Dr. Lily Houghton sets out on a journey to find the Tree of Life deep in the Amazon jungle. Before embarking on the journey, she managed to steal the old Arrowhead, believed to be the guide to the Tree. Accompanying her is her dashing younger brother McGregor, who likes to dress up, groom and live stylishly in all circumstances. Later, McGregor indirectly told that he loved another guy. Lily hires Captain Frank Wolff to carry the two on the ramshackle and creaking La Quila ship. Frank is smart, stricky and has cheated Lily several times to convince her to give up the journey and get the Arrowhead. Frank later reveals that he was … 400 years old, and is the person who had a predestined relationship with the Tree of Life – which gave him a cursed life to immortality. He has lived all that long all alone, with the sole company being generations of cats called Proxima - now is a leopard. The 1916 setting also introduces a villain, Prince Joachim of Germany, who is searching for the Flower in his quest for victory in the ongoing world war. Joachim even brings a submarine into the Amazon River to help with the search. Another line of villains are three acquaintances of Frank from 400 years ago - who have now been turned into zombies because of a curse binding them to the river forever - "can not leave but can not die". Their bodies decay over time when trapped in a hole set by Frank, but their souls remain, and will come to life in the presence of river water or near the river basin. These three undead also want to find the Tree of Life to revive their human forms and lift the curse.




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  • Dwayne Johnson..."Skipper" Frank Wolff
  • Emily Blunt...Dr. Lily Houghton
  • Édgar Ramírez...Aguirre
  • Jack Whitehall...McGregor Houghton
  • Jesse Plemons...Prince Joachim
  • Paul Giamatti...Nilo
  • Andy Nyman...Sir James Hobbs-Coddington
  • Quim Gutiérrez...Melchor
  • Dani Rovira...Sancho
  • Veronica Falcón...Trader Sam
  • Simone Lockhart...Anna
  • David Lengel...Boat Tourist #1
  • Sulem Calderon...Quila
  • Piper Collins...Boat Tourist