FILMELY 🦋: The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf in the fight against Mages and Elves 🎥

Aug 25, 2021

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf in the fight against Mages and Elves 🎥

The animated film "The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf" is set in the year 1165 when Geralt is about 5 years old, following the fight of Vesemir (Geralt's Master) against the massacre led by the mageTetra with the support of the elves. This is a great battle between Witchers, Mages and Elves.

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Vesemir and Illyana Zerbst's childhood

70 years ago, Vesemir and Illyana were two poor children who had to live as servants for another family and they loved each other very much. One time Vesemir witnessed a Witcher conducting exorcism for the female householder, the boy began to develop the idea of ​​​​becoming a Witcher, the main purpose was to make a lot of money and build a happy future with Illyana.

Upon the encouragement of Illyana, Vesemir traveled to Kaer Morhen's castle to learn to be a Witcher. After going through deadly experiments and trials, he became one of the greatest wizards of his peers; while many of his schoolmates did not pass the trials and had to die.

Meanwhile, in her hometown, Illyana was adopted by a wealthy family. She grew up and was fortunate to be married to a prestigious man who later became the Advisor at the Kaedwen Court. When her husband died, Illyana succeeded to this position in the Court and became known as Lady Illyana.

Lady Illyana and Tetra Gilcrest's confrontation at the Court of Kaedwen

Tetra Gilcrest is a Mage at the Court of Kaedwen, having studied magic at Aretuza Castle. Tetra had a mother who was killed by a witcher, so she always held a grudge against the wizarding world and always sought to wipe them out of the Kaedwen Kingdom.

Tetra tries to convince the King that the Witchers are deliberately creating more monsters so that they have more hunter contracts to earn more money. Lady Illyana refutes this and asks Tetra for proof.

Tetra Gilcrest's Attack on Kaer Morhen Castle

Vesemir and his companion Luka - a gay Witcher - are relaxing in a pub, a court guard comes to cause trouble and Luka kills this person. Both are detained awaiting execution. 

Lady Illyana tries to intervene so that Vesemir is sent with the Mage Tetra to kill an unknown monster in the forest that is killing civilians, in order to make atonement. 

The monster that is revealed to be a hybrid Kitsu-Mahr, so it has enormous magical powers and can create many illusions. It comes to know that  Kitsu-Mahr kidnapped elves girls and experimented on them in an attempt to create hybrids like herself, and succeeded only with one girl, while the others died tragically. 

Tetra intends to kill this hybrid little girl, but Vesimir stops her. Tetra uses the findings as proof that witchers are creating new monsters, and she successfully convinces the King to order the massacre of the entire Witcher community. 

To rally more forces for her attack, Tetra also lies to Kitsu-Mahr that Vesimir had killed Kitsu's only surviving "daughter", and thus Kitsu summons elves and monsters to aid Tetra in her bloody attack. 

In this deadly battle, only Vesemir and a few boys of the School of the Wolf survive, including Geralt - the boy who finally receives the the school badge bearing the image of a wolf. Meanwile, 

Young Vesemir has since taken on the role of Master of the  School of the Wolf, however many of the witcher training and mutations manuals contained in the castle have been completely burned down.



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