FILMELY 🦋: Seal Team Season 5 Episode 10: Bravo's Civil War 🎥

Dec 22, 2021

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 10: Bravo's Civil War 🎥

In Episode 10 of Seal Team Season 5 – “Head on”, Bravo Team is deployed to South America to carry out Operation Omega that can last up to 6 months. In the first mission, they make a plan to kill a scientist believed to be developing Venezuela's nuclear weapons program.

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This is a US Department of Defense's quest following a new organizational model: the team will have to organize the opertions their own, with absolutely no backing or logistical support, the ranks in the team will also be removed and they will be equal to each other in decisions-making.

Stella gives birth to a baby boy prematurely – breaking Team Bravo's tradition of "all-girls born first". Clay must decide between continuing to take parental leave or participating in the operation – because it is voluntary. In the end, he decides to join mainly because he fears for Bravo's safety when Jason's memory and judgment are in proven problems.

Clay repeatedly considered telling Jason his mistake during the European days which led to the injury to the entire team.

During the days in Colombia carrying out the cross-border mission in Venezuela, the conflict between Jason and Clay become explosive and openly when Clay repeatedly cites the principle of "no ranks" in their relations and refutes the tactical plans suggested by Jason.