FILMELY 🦋: The Matrix 3 Revolutions: Neo-Smith Epic Solo for the Truce between Humans and AI 🎥720

Dec 23, 2021

The Matrix 3 Revolutions: Neo-Smith Epic Solo for the Truce between Humans and AI 🎥720

The Matrix Revolutions 2003 is the third installment of The Matrix film series, released six months after the second installment - The Matrix Reloaded. The film depicts the war between humans and the Sentinals in Zion City, and culminates in a landslide solo in the Matrix world between Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Smith (Hugo Weaving).

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In real life, Neo and Bane lie unconscious in the Hammer's medical bay. Inside the Matrix, Neo is trapped in a subway station called Mobil Ave, a transitional area between the Matrix and the real world. To leave this place, the only way is to get on a train operated by the Trainman, however it is a program loyal to the French tycoon Merovingian (Lambert Wilson).

After learning about Neo's situation in the Matrix thanks to the Oracle; Seraph (Collin Chou), Morpheus, and Trinity go to Club Hel to meet Merovingian and force him to release Neo.

Freed from the Metro Station, Neo visits the Oracle, who reveals that Smith intends to destroy both the Matrix and the real world. After Neo left, Smith goes to the Oracle's house and absorbs her, thus gaining the power of prophecy.

In the real world, Neo proposes a ship to take him to the City of Machines and is assigned by Captain Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) to the Logos ship. Meanwhile, the captains plan to bring the Hammer ship back to support the city of Zion on the shortest but dangerous route.

Bane assimilated by Smith hides on the Logos and manages to kill Neo. Bane burns Neo's eyes with an electrical cable, blinding him. Neo discovers that he can still "see" machine source code in the real world and uses this ability to kill Bane. Trinity becomes the pilot to bring Neo to the City of Machines aboard the ship Logos.

Niobe and Morpheus dashes towards Zion in the Hammer to aid Zion's defense, which is on the verge of losing against the  Sentinals. Zion's shipyard is now overflowing with crowded Sentinels. The character Kid (Clayton Watson) becomes a young hero when he risks himself controlling a robot to open the gate for the Hammer ship to enter. 

Upon arrival, the Hammer launches an EMP, disabling all Sentinels there, but also crippling Zion's remaining defenses. Humans are forced to retreat, helpless and waiting for the next Sentinals' deadly attacks.

The Logos ship is attacked by a swarm of Sentinals outside the Machine City. To avoid the onslaught, Logos flies into the air to escape and then crashes  into a building, severely injuring Trinity.

Neo enters the Machine City and encounters the leader of the machines in the form of "Deus Ex Machina." Neo warns that Smith plans to conquer both the Matrix and the real world and offers to stop Smith in exchange for peace with Zion. Deus Ex Machina agrees on the condition that Neo defeats Smith; the Sentinels become immobile in Zion in awaiting for next order.

Neo is brought into the Matrix for his solo with Smith – in which the population is now completely assimilated by Smith. Smith with the powers of the Oracle, telling Neo that he foresaw his victory over Neo. After a protracted fight, Neo seems to accept defeat and let himself be assimilated by Smith. Outside of the Matrix, the machines injected a blast of energy into Neo's body, causing the inside of the Neo-Smith Version Matrix to explode, after which all other Smith clones are also blown up, leaving the Oracle body lying there. 

Deus Ex Machina considers Neo to have fulfilled his commitments and orders the Sentinels to withdraw from Zion, Neo's lifeless body is carried away by machines. 

The Matrix is ​​restarted, and the Architect meets the Oracle in a park. They agree that peace will last "as long as it can" and that those who desire will have the opportunity to leave the Matrix.