FILMELY🦋: Seal Team Season 5 Episode 11: Come on, Together We Overhear! 🎥720

Jan 3, 2022

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 11: Come on, Together We Overhear! 🎥720

In Episode 11 Seal Team Season 5 – “Violence of Action”, Bravo Team infiltrates a funeral in a remote village in Venezuela to retrieve the body of a Colectivo team member in order to get testing samples for radioactive materials.

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After assassinating Dr. Guillen - the head of Venezuela's nuclear program in the previous episode, Bravo Team manages to steal data from the laptops of two Iranian defense experts believed to have provided aids to Guillen's work.

Davis, though not exactly a beauty queen, is able to use a beauty trick to buy time with an Iranian expert in the hotel lobby, letting Ray and Clay break into their rooms to copy data from their laptops.

Emails in the stolen data reveal that some members of the Colectivo group (Armed Motorcycle Rider Gangs) died of a strange disease with symptoms such as hair loss, blistering skin ... after supporting the "project". This shows that it is more likely that Venezuela's nuclear program may have entered the testing phase of nuclear material, instead of being in its infancy.

Internally, after the previous confrontation or head-on, Jason didn't even look at nor talk to Clay for 2 weeks. Ray tries to reconcile but fails in all fields. Clay finally tells Ray the story of Jason's erroneous decision to detonate an explosive to break down the building's door during a campaign in Europe but accidentally cause it to collapse.

Ray begins to track Jason and discovers his symptoms of amnesia. Ray also begins to worry about Jason also and cooperates with Clay to "cover" his big brother. During the break into the village, Ray intentionally sets up a surveillance drone, but less for their field mission and more fofr tracking Jason's movements.

Returing to base, Jason shows that he understands Ray's intentions with the drone and expresses his bitter dissatisfaction.

Max Thieriot ... Clay Spenser

Toni Trucks ... Lisa Davis

Iranian Defense Expert

Max Thieriot ... Clay Spenser

Justin Melnick ... Brock

Neil Brown Jr. ... Ray Perry

Max Thieriot ... Clay Spenser