FILMELY 🦋: Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 2: Whose Kiss Is Sweeter? 🎥720

Jan 21, 2022

Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 2: Whose Kiss Is Sweeter? 🎥720

In Episode 2 of Superman and Lois Season 2 - The Ties That Bind, Clark is haunted by some strange visions and appears to be incapacitated and loses control of his power. He must go to Tal-Rho who is being held in a prison by the Ministry of Defense to find answers.

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Prior to that, during a hostage crisis, haunting visions left Superman incapacitated and unable to defeat Phillip Karnowski who uses smuggled X-Kryptonite to gain superpowers. Anderson's S team of gifted children (now including 17-year-old Tag Harris) show up to intervene.

Tal-Rho take Superman and Jordan his fortress. Here, Tal-Rho activates a hologram of Lara - Tal-Rho and Clark's biological mother. While Clark and Lara are in conversations, Clark is suddenly haunted by the vision again; Tal-Rho takes this opportunity to kill Jordan, but Lara tries to ease him down.

After Morgan Edge's plan fell through, the Amertek Corporation was hired to "clean up" the X-Kryptonite mine. Believing that the Smallville earthquakes are related to Amertek's operations at the site, Lois goes to interview Dr. Faulkner, a mining specialist and now Amertek's Chief of Operations.

At the end of the episode a strange creature appears from the depths of the mine. Amertek phones someone and reports that “it is more powerful than we hoped”.

Lara also tells Clark that the visions that haunt Clark are related to the anomalies taking place under the mine.

The young and romantic Jordan is emotionally devastated when Sarah tells him that she kissed another girl while camping, and plans to date her instead of Jordan.

Tyler Hoechlin...Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman

Adam Rayner ... Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho 

Jordan Elsass ... Jonathan Kent 

Alex Garfin ... Jordan Kent 

Inde Navarrette ... Sarah Cushing