Jan 18, 2022

The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 3: Vespa Cyborgs and Pet-to-Mount Rancor (Star Wars) 🎥720

In Chapter 3 of "The Book of Boba Fett" Season 1 - The Streets of Mos Espa, Boba Fett recruits a team of cyborgs riding colorful bikes that look like Vespas, and he also receives a special gift which is a giant pet.

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In the flashback, Boba went to Pykes on behalf of the Tusken tribe to claim the tribute as tolls on their spice trains across the desert as mentioned in the previous chapter. However, Pyke said they paid the tributes to the Nikto bikers - and couldn't pay protection for both in the same area. Boba said he would take care of this; but when he returned to the Tusken tribe's camp, he realized that they had been completely eliminated by the Nikto gang.

In the current timeline, a water merchant (monger) named Lortha Peel comes to Boba's palace to complain about a group of young cyborgs (half human, half machine) stealing his water in Mos Espa. Boba and Shand go to meet the youths; however, when he learns that they have no jobs, Boba offers to hire them to work for him.

While Boba is bathing in his bacta tank, he is attacked by Wookie Krrsantan. Fett, Shand, the bodyguards and the Vespa cyborgs join force to fight and capture Wookiee.

The Hutts Twins quickly appears and apologizes for sending Krrsantan to assassinate Boba. They give Boba a gift of a Rancor calf, accompanied by a trainer (Danny Trejo). The Hutts also reveal to Boba that Mayor of Mos Espa has promised the city to Pykes.

After releasing Krrsantan and initially getting acquainted with the pet Rancor, Boba go to Mos Espa to interrogate the Mayor but discovers he is absent, while his assistant (majordomo) is deliberately running away. The Vespa Cyborgs team chases and captures the assistant, who claims that Mayor Shaiz is working with the Pykes.

Through scouting and discovering that the Pykes have begun to arrive in Mos Espa, Fett decides to prepare for war with this Syndicate.

Rancor is a favorite pet among the rich and powerful of the Star Wars Universe. Jabba Hutts once kept a Rancor in his palace's basement, but it was later killed by Luke Skywalker.

Previous Star Wars movies have not fully introduced this beast. In this chapter, through the trainer's explanation, we learn some information about this Rancor calf: he/she is the offspring of a pair of champion Rancors, he/she is emotionally complex (prone to depression), quite peaceful unless threatened, tends to form strong bonds with his/her owners - the person he sees or imprints for the first time in his life when he opens his eyes...

Boba wanted to train this Rancor to be his mount, rather than just a loving pet.

Carey Jones ...  Wookie Krrsantan

Hutts The Twins

Pyke Syndicate


Sophie Thatcher ... Drash, Vespa Cyborgs

Vespa Cyborg


Carey Jones ...  Wookie Krrsantan


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