FILMELY 🦋: The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 4: The Summit of Criminal Elites (Star Wars) 🎥720

Jan 22, 2022

The Book of Boba Fett Chapter 4: The Summit of Criminal Elites (Star Wars) 🎥720

In Chapter 4 of "The Book of Boba Fett" Season 1 - The Gathering Storm, Boba Fett recruits Wookie Krrsantan to his team, he also makes political plans to prepare for the coming war with Pyke Syndicate.

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In the flashback, after burying the Tuskens, Boba wanders in the desert and stumbles across the dying Shand. This episode ties in with the events of The Mandalorian Season 1 Chapter 5, in which Shand was left to die in the desert by the betrayal Toro Calican.

Boba took Shand to a android tattoo parlor for treatment. As such, Shand – The Assassin Master of Mid Rim is a robot or a cyborg, not a biological human.

Boba and Shand managed to break into the hangar at Jabba Hutt's palace to retrieve the Slave I (Slave One) ship. Fett then uses the ship to track down and eliminate the Kintan Striders as vengeance for the Tusken tribe. From there, Fett flied to the Pit of Carkoon in hopes of recovering his lost beskar armor, as he was unaware that it was stolen by the Jawas while he was unconscious.

Here, they were attacked by another tentacle sarlacc.

In the current timeline, Fett witnesses Krrsantan fighting the Trandoshans in the Sanctuary, learns more about this Wookie's glorious past, and decides to hire him.

Boba throws a party at the castle, invites Mos Espa's gang bosses such as Dokk Strassi, Garfalaquox to come and convince them to unite against the Pyke Syndicate, but they refuse.

With the  presence of Rancor and Krrsantan, at least Boba is able to convince them to stay neutral (not siding with the Pyke Syndicate). However, there is no guarantee that they will keep their word. Shand suggests that the credits in reserve can be used to buy "muscle" for the impending war.

Temuera Morrison ... Boba Fett

Ming-Na Wen ... Fennec Shand

Carey Jones ...  Wookie Krrsantan

Jennifer Beals ... Garsa Fwip