FILMELY 🦋: Seal Team Season 5 Episode 14: The Silent Radios 🎥720

Feb 8, 2022

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 14: The Silent Radios 🎥720

Episode 14 Seal Team Season 5 – “All Bravo Positions”, Bravo is mobilized back into the counterterrorism operation in West Africa, this time capturing Abul Alid - a rising figure of the Sahaba of Greater Sahel (SGS).

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Returning from the Omega mission in Central America lasting many months, Bravo members do not have much time to spend with their family, but soon mobilized to West Africa.

SGS's Alid is scheduled to have a meeting with ISIS in the West African country of Mali. Bravo flies to Burkina Faso, and from there the along with Ground Branch officers use armored SUVs north to Mali.

Many base inadequacies lead Bravo to fall into a dangerous closed ambush. First of all, intelligence on the situation in the area was several weeks out of date. After that, the airbird (ISR - Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) has to go offline when Bravo enter the area so they are blind of the surrounding situations.

Being outnumbered and running low on ammunition after long fighting, Bravo desperately wait for the Quick reaction force (QRF) air force to arrive.

Unlike the previous 4 seasons, Season 5 of Seal Team closes with an open ending. The initial success in converting its release platform from CBS to the Paramount+ has helped Seal Team get a greenlight for season 6 renewal. In fact, not showing on the TV channel has saved Seal Team from having to go through strict censorship, and creators have the opportunity to explore more nuanced topics than before.

Max Thieriot - who plays Clay in Seal Team - has just signed on to co-develop the plot for a new series called Cal Fire. The story follows young inmate Bode Donovan, who participates in a firefighting program for inmates in exchange for the opportunity to shorten his prison sentence.

But don't worry, at the moment Max has no plans to star a role in Cal Fire, he will just be behind the camera. We will still see him as Clay Spenser in Seal Team.

See you again in season 6 of Seal Team!

Max Thieriot ... Clay Spenser

Max Thieriot ... Clay Spenser

Jessica Paré ... Mandy Ellis

David Boreanaz ... Jason Hayes