FILMELY : Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 9: The Chase into the Inverse

Mar 31, 2022

Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 9: The Chase into the Inverse

In Episode 9 of Superman & Lois Seasn 2 - "30 days 30 nights", Clark flies into the portal to chase after Ally without a protective suites, and he's been missing ever since.

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The world has faced many accidents and disasters but Superman is nowhere to help, John Iron Man has to temporarily take over Superman's role, to some limatations. Jordan is also encouraged by General Sam to participate in the rescue work, while Lois strongly opposes it for fear of the boy's safety.

Jordan saves Kyle from an out-of-control fire. The scene of the fire shows that it used to be a storehouse of X-Kryptonite. General Sam and Lois both persuade and force Jonathan to reveal who is behind the sale of the inhalers, ie Candice.

From Candice's clue, General Sam and Lois track Micky to an X-Kryptonite manufacturing facility. They are unluckily exposed before leaving the site and are captured, Lois has to ask Jordan for help. 

Jordan now shows the ability of flash move, plus the ability to fly when rescuing Kyle  previously.

Lana beats Dean in the Smallville mayoral election. John Irom Man seems to flirt with Lana after she divorced Kyle.

At the end of the episode, a Jonathan appears, seemingly from the other world. The boy tells Lois that Clark was too late; however we don't know what actually happened to Clark.