Mar 12, 2022

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Episode 2: Hatred Burns Like a Poison [2022 Review]

In Episode 2 of The Last Kingdom Season 5, Uhtred and his comrades plan an attack on Eofowic being occupied Brida to rescue his daughter Stiorra.

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In Rumcofa, after learning of Brida's overthrow at Eofforwic, Uhtred understands that Brida is targeting his children for revenge. 

He asks Aethelflaed to send troops to support him in his assault on Eofforwic, but Aethelflaed is now in a dilemma and refuses. She has just discovered that she has an incurable disease and needs to return to the capital urgently for treatment.

At Eoforwic, Brida initially wants to execute Sigtryggr but later releases him on the condition that Sigtryggr would capture Uhtred in exchange for his wife Stiorra. Brida also massacres the Catholic Danes, and executes the women there in turn, both to sacrifice and to force the hiding Stiorra to reveal herself.

In Winchester, King Edward, during a business meeting, reunites with his childhood friend, Lady Eadgifu of Cent.

Millie Brady Queen Aethelflaed

Harry Gilby ... Aethelstan

Timothy Innes Edward

Stefanie Martini Eadith

Timothy Innes Edward

Ruby Hartley Stiorra

Finn Elliot Young Uhtred


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