FILMELY 🦋: True Brotherhood of "The Wolf and the Lion" 2021 🎥720

Mar 1, 2022

True Brotherhood of "The Wolf and the Lion" 2021 🎥720

The Wolf and the Lion (in French: Le Loup et Le Lion) is a 2021 animal film directed by Gilles de Maistre. In the movie, Alma (Molly Kunz) accidentally becomes the "nanny" of a wolf cub and lion cub on a small island. The two animals grew up together and formed a bond like brothers.

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After her grandfather dies, piano student Alma returns to her childhood home in the Canadian wilderness – on a small island where her grandfather spent his last days. In the nearby wood, she comes upon a lion cub that survived a plane crash. He was poached in Africa for a circus.

At the same time, a female wolf who was once befriended by Alma's grandfather also takes her cub to take shelter in Alma's house, after she was pursued by conservation scientist Eli (Charlie Carrick). The mother wolf belongs to a rare species and Eli needs her to serve the conservation and re-introduction program of wolves in the wild.

Initially, the mother wolf takes care of both the lion and wolf cubs; but after she is taken away by Eli, Alma has to become a nanny. She names the wolf Mozart and the lion "Dreamer" (a reference to an Ozzy Osbourne song).

A few years later, when the two animals are grown up, once Alma has an accident on the island, her godfather Edie has no choice but to notify the rangers about the existence of the two animals. Wolf Mozart is then sent to Eli's conservation sanctuary, and Dreamer the lion is assigned to a circus run by Allan who has a son named Rapha.

After some time, Wolf Mozart manages to escape from the sanctuary to find and free the lion Dreamer from the circus. The two then make an arduous journey to return to their "home" island.

The two main animal characters in the film are not created by CGI, but played by a real-life wolf-lion pair, they are currently living in a reserve in Canada. However, the plot of the film is not a true story.

The screenplay of the film does not have much depth of meaning, at times it is disjointed and the message about animal rights is not clear. However, as a family movie, catered mainly for children, we probably shouldn't set too high a barrier for it. The Wolf and the Lion premiered at the Zurich Film Festival in September 2021, and won Best Film for Children.

Lion Dreamer

Wolf Mozart, Lion Dreamer

Wolf Mozart, Lion Dreamer

Wolf Mozart, Lion Dreamer

Molly Kunz ... Alma

Rhys Slack ... Rapha

Evan Buliung ... Allan

Charlie Carrick ... Eli

Charlie Carrick ... Eli


Graham Greene ... Joe, Charlie Carrick ... Eli



Molly Kunz ... Alma

Molly Kunz ... Alma