Apr 27, 2022

Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 5: The Origin of Steven Personality

In Episode 5/6 of the Moon Knight Series, "Asylum", Egyptian Goddess Taweret takes Steven and Marc on a ship bound for A' aru to decide whether their souls go to heaven or be dragged out to the underworld.

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Taweret takes out Steven and Marc's hearts and put them on one Scales, the Feather of Truth on the other end. If the Scales balance when the boat reaches A'aru, their souls will go to heaven (Fields of Reed), otherwise they will be pulled by the dead to the underworld or hell (Duat). 

The Scales constantly wobbles, forcing Steven and Marc to re-enter the house of past to review the memories of their lives, in order to find a balance. It is in this process that explains how Marc was chosen by Konshu to become the Moon Knight, and the origin of the Marc-Steven personality separation.

In the past, Marc took his younger brother to play in the forest, but the younger brother died in an accident. This made Marc's mother blame all the guilt on Marc and badly treat as well as and torture Marc since then. Marc's childhood was a series of unhappy days. When he grew up, Marc ran away from home and became a mercenary (assassin).

On the day Marc's mother died, Marc returned and thought that his mother's death would make Marc release all his childhood frustrations and miseries. But the truth is no, it distracts Marc and gives birth to another personality, Steven. Steven often called a non-existent number and speaks to the nobody as "mom", with full of passions, and often lamented, shared all the troubles in his life.

Steven is the bright version of life that Marc wants to have. So, basically, the Moon Knight stories originated in a family tragedy.

 Oscar Isaac ... Marc Spector / Moon Knight and Steven Grant / Mr. Knight

Fernanda Andrade ... Marc's Mother Wendy Spector

Antonia Salib ... Egyptian Goddess Taweret

Antonia Salib ... Egyptian Goddess Taweret

 Oscar Isaac ... Marc Spector / Moon Knight and Steven Grant / Mr. Knight

 Oscar Isaac ... Marc Spector / Moon Knight and Steven Grant / Mr. Knight