FILMELY : Thor: Love and Thunder and Gorr the God Butcher

Apr 18, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder and Gorr the God Butcher

Marvel has just released a short teaser for the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, which is scheduled to be released on July 8, 2022. Thor's former love Jane Foster suddenly appeared with a special ability: she could control the Thunder Hammer Mjolnir and become Mighty Thor.

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Thor is in hiding, practicing yoga, maybe

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) goes on an introspective journey: finding inner peace, finding childhood memories... Thor's iconic action is to bury his magical axes, like swordsmen who put down their swords.

Continuing the series of events before, Thor joins the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star-Lord Quill seems to become Thor's confidant to "look into each other's eyes". He also exercises to get in shape after being obese because of alcohol. With the results of the hard training process at the biggest gym facility in the universe, Thor perform an impressive show of his body that makes everyone admire.

Through the trailer, it can be seen that Thor has a liberal and humorous character like the playful Thor in the animated series What If ...?; in which, without Loki's presence and mess during his childhood, Thor lived a childhood of perfect pleasures, and grew up to partying, and forming a galactic gang just for fun. Thor begins to live more responsibly when Ultron obtains the 6 infinity stones and commits genocide to life on all planets, and Thor is summoned by The Watcher to join the Multiverse Guardians against Ultron .

Gorr - Butcher of the Gods

But Thor's yoga are soon interrupted by a galactic great evil and killer known as Gorr the God Butcher, played by Christian Bale.

To fend off the Gorr threat, Thor enlists the help of the bisexual Valkyrie King (Tessa Thompson), Korg (Taika Waititi) and his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). Together, they embark on an epic cosmic adventure to uncover the mystery of Gorr's vengeance and stop him before it's too late.

In the Marvel comics, Gorr was born on a harsh planet, always on the verge of starvation, but Gorr was a strong believer in the gods and always prayed to them for help. However, Gorr had to witness the death of his parents, later his wife and children from starvation; this makes Gorr think gods don't exist.

While dying of hunger, Gorr witnessed a duel between an ancient dark god, Null, and a god in golden armor. Gorr was furious when the golden-armored god begged him for help; the sword of the god of darkness turned into an amorphous living darkness and bonded with him. Gorr used this weapon to kill the golden-armor god; then vowed to find a way to kill all the gods in the entire universe for never answering his prayers.

In the movie, maybe the reason why Gorr became so hateful and wanted to eliminate all the gods would be transformed in a different direction.

Zeus of Greek Mythology

Thor: Love and Thunder is also likened to Vol 2.5  of the Guardians of the Galaxy when the Guardian team led by Quill account for a majority of the main characters. Actor Russell Crowe would appear in the role of Zeus - King of the Olympians. Thus, Zeus of Greek Mythology has appeared in both the Marvel and DC cinematic universes.

Chris Hemsworth ... Thor

Chris Hemsworth ... Thor

Chris Pratt ... Peter Quill / Star-Lord

Chris Hemsworth ... Thor

Chris Hemsworth ... Thor

Chris Pratt ... Peter Quill / Star-Lord, Chris Hemsworth ... Thor

Chris Hemsworth ... Thor

Natalie Portman ... Jane Foster / Mighty Thor

Natalie Portman ... Jane Foster / Mighty Thor


Chris Hemsworth ... Thor

Tessa Thompson ... Valkyrie

Natalie Portman ... Jane Foster / Mighty Thor

Christian Bale ... Gorr the God Butcher

Chris Pratt ... Peter Quill / Star-Lord

Jaimie Alexander ... Sif

Dave Bautista ... Drax the Destroyer

Karen Gillan ... Nebula

Sean Gunn ... Kraglin Obfonteri

Jeff Goldblum ... Grandmaster

Vin Diesel ... Groot

Waititi ... Korg

Matt Damon ... Loki (Asgardian Actor)

Sam Neill ... Odin (Asgardian Actor)

Luke Hemsworth ... Thor (Asgardian Actor)

Melissa McCarthy ... Hela Thor (Asgardian Actor)

Russell Crowe ... Zeus, the King of the Olympians

Singer Jenny Morris ...

Simon Russell Beale ...