FILMELY : The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 4: The Foreseen Great Wave in N繳menor

Sep 16, 2022

The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 4: The Foreseen Great Wave in N繳menor

In Episode 4 Season 1 of the The Rings of Power show - "The Great Wave", Galadriel gradually discovers the reason why the island nation of N繳menor is following a path of isolating from and discrimination against the Elves.

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N繳menoreans often fear that one day the Elves would rule over them; they are afraid of the superior characteristics of the Elves such as: not getting old, not sleeping, working tirelessly… Faced with the displeasure of the people when Galadriel appears in the island without any punishment, Chancellor Pharazon has to use cunning and fine wine to calm them down.

In addition, the Palant穩r - the Seeing Stone enshrined at the castle shows a vision of tN繳menor being devastated and engulfed in a great wave, which, according to Queen Regent M穩riel, is related to Elven Galadriel's arrival here.

In the Southlands, Adar - who is called God - Father by the Orcs releases Arondir to the village to send a message to the people of the South: they could continue to live here if they forsake all claims over the regions and swore allegiance to Adar.

The hilt that Theo got by stealing turns out to be a treasure Adar is looking for. The hilt transforms into a full sword and exerts magical powers when exposed to the blood of the wielder; It also has the power to hypnotize and manipulate people to side with the darkness.

At Khazad-d羶m, Elrond gradually wins back the trust of Prince Durin IV and his wife. The dwarf Prince reveals to Elrond that  he is secretly mining an extremely valuable ore, mithril - which is lighter than silk but harder than iron.

Later, in The Lord of the Rings, Frodo, on his journey to destroy the master ring, carries a protective chain mail made from mithril, passed down from his ancestors. However, the true origin of this mithril shirt remains unknown.

Morfydd Clark ... Galadriel

Joseph Mawle ... Adar

Cynthia Addai-Robinson ... M穩riel

Trystan Gravelle ... Pharaz繫n


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Cynthia Addai-Robinson ... M穩riel
Robert Aramayo ... Elrond
Owain Arthur ... Durin IV
Maxim Baldry ... Isildur
Nazanin Boniadi ... Bronwyn
Morfydd Clark ... Galadriel
Ismael Cruz C籀rdova ... Arondir
Charles Edwards ... Celebrimbor
Trystan Gravelle ... Pharaz繫n
Lenny Henry ... Sadoc Burrows
Ema Horvath ... E瓣rien
Markella Kavenagh ... Elanor "Nori" Brandyfoot
Simon Merrells ... Trevyn
Tyroe Muhafidin ... Theo
Peter Mullan ... Durin III
Sophia Nomvete ... Disa
Lloyd Owen ... Elendil
Megan Richards ... Poppy Proudfellow
Dylan Smith ... Largo Brandyfoot: Nori's father
Charlie Vickers ... Halbrand
Leon Wadham ... Kemen: Pharaz繫n's son
Benjamin Walker ... Gil-galad
Daniel Weyman ... Stranger
Sara Zwangobani ... Marigold Brandyfoot

Joseph Mawle ... Adar