FILMELY: The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 5: The Fading Holy Light & The Growing Youth

Sep 24, 2022

The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 5: The Fading Holy Light & The Growing Youth

In Episode 5 Season 1 of The Rings of Power - "Partings", after much effort, Galadriel finally convinces Queen Regent M穩riel and the court there to send a fleet of boats to come to the Middle-earth (Southlands) to prevent the expansion of evil forces.

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At N繳menor

Galadriel convinces Halbrand to join the fleets to Middle-earth after recounting her battles and personal losses against Sauron. At the same time, Kemen, son of Pharaoh, attempts to destroy the ships preparing to depart, with the goal that Galadriel and M穩riel would fall in this battle and and this would allow Pharaoh to come to power with the support of the people.

However, Kemen is captured on the scene by Isildur (son of Elendil). This also helps Isildur be allowed to join the fleets, as an esteemed rower, although he had tried in every way but was refused, even by his closet friends.

The fleets crew are mostly young and ambitious.

Harfoot and the Stranger

While protecting Nori and the other Harfoots from a pack of monster wolves, the Stranger uses his physical power and magic and it injures him in the arm. He then casts a spell to create an ice crystal that heals the wound, but it ends up blowing up Nori standing next to him, scaring her.

Fading Light at Lindon

King Gil-galad reveals to Elrond that the great tree in Lindon is dying, which indicates that the Light of Eldar is fading and signaling danger to all the Elves remaining still in Middle-earth.

The Elves gain wisdom, strength, magic, and immortality thanks in part to the Light of Eldar emitted from the two divine trees in Vanilor, however, they were destroyed in the first war with Morgoth. When this light weakens, if the Elves continue to stay in Middle-earth, their souls will begin to deteriorate and they will be immortal no more; but if they return to Vanilor they would not be able to help the humans against Sauron.

King Gil-galad further makes it clear that the goal of sending Elrond to the Dwarven land of Khazad-d羶m was to find out the rare ore mithril - said to have an immortal light that enables the Elves to continue living on Middle-earth. .

This leaves Elrond in the dilemma because he has sworn to Prince Durin IV not to reveal the mithril secrects to anyone.

Divided Southlanders

Half of the villagers obeys Adar's claim and flock to submission, believing he was Sauron. Half stay at the Elf Tower at Bronwyn's call to fight.

The boy Theo gives the magical hilt of the sword to Arondir, who realizes it is the key to helping the evil force turn the Southlands into a kingdom of evil as Sauron's henchmen. Bronwyn appears bewildered and wants to surrender, but Arondir persuade her to fight even though they are almost hopeless.

Seeing their watchtower as the target, the remaining villagers prepare for battle against the approaching Orc army.

At the same time, Galadriel's fleet begin to sail off the island for the Middle-earth.

Owain Arthur ... Durin IV

Benjamin Walker ... King Gil-galad

Maxim Baldry ... Isildur


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Cynthia Addai-Robinson ... M穩riel
Robert Aramayo ... Elrond
Owain Arthur ... Durin IV

Lloyd Owen ... Elendil

Maxim Baldry ... Isildur

Ismael Cruz C籀rdova ... Arondir

Nazanin Boniadi ... Bronwyn
Morfydd Clark ... Galadriel
Charles Edwards ... Celebrimbor
Trystan Gravelle ... Pharaz繫n
Lenny Henry ... Sadoc Burrows
Ema Horvath ... E瓣rien
Markella Kavenagh ... Elanor "Nori" Brandyfoot
Simon Merrells ... Trevyn
Tyroe Muhafidin ... Theo
Peter Mullan ... Durin III
Sophia Nomvete ... Disa
Megan Richards ... Poppy Proudfellow
Dylan Smith ... Largo Brandyfoot: Nori's father
Charlie Vickers ... Halbrand
Leon Wadham ... Kemen: Pharaz繫n's son
Benjamin Walker ... King Gil-galad
Daniel Weyman ... Stranger
Sara Zwangobani ... Marigold Brandyfoot

Joseph Mawle ... Adar