Oct 15, 2022

Werewolf By Night 2022 and the Future of Marvel's MonsterVerse 🎥

Werewolf by Night is a Marvel Studios' film that is broadcast on Disney +. The film is classified into a new form as "Special Presentation", besides the two popular forms of Movies and TV Series of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film introduces the early life of a favorite superhero character, Werewolf - once widely known but now first appearing in the MCU.

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Following the death of Ulysses Bloodstone - an "immortal" monster-hunter, five experienced monster hunters, including Jack Russell, are summoned by Ulysses' widow Verussa to the Bloodstone Manor. Here, they participate in a monster hunt and whoever wins will become the new leader and possesses the powerful BloodStone. Ulysses' estranged daughter Elsa also come to join the competition, despite her stepmother Verussa's warnings against doing so.

Their target to slay is a captured octopus-headed monster that had been implanted with Bloodstone. This monster is actually a friend of Russell's, named "Ted", and his goal here is to rescue his friend.

Later, Russell and Elsa work together to both rescue Ted and win the Bloodstone. Russell destroys the outer wall of the maze so they can escape. Ted runs into the forest after Elsa removes the Bloodstone from his body. However, the Bloodstone reacts violently when Russell touches it, indicating that he is also a monster.

Verussa captures Russell and Elsa, places them in a cage, and uses Bloodstone to trigger Russell's transformation into his werewolf form. Instead of killing Elsa as Verussa intended, the werewolf break the cage and kill Verussa's guards.

In the final events, Russell wakes up in the woods in human form with Ted watching over him, and is pleased to know that Elsa is safe. Meanwhile, Elsa becomes the new owner of Bloodstone and the family's Manor and seems to wonder how to deal with it.


In September 2022, Co-Executive Producer Brian Gay said that Werewolf by Night will begin to explore a variety of monsters that have existed in the MCU for centuries, whose shapes have been hinted at through artworks of monster heads on the wall of Bloodstone Manor.

Gay also explained that the film's ending intentionally causes Russell and Bloodstone to "completely change" into a space of color instead of black and white, as a hint that both will appear in their current timeline of MCU, however this remains uncertain.

Marvel Studio President Kelvin Feige also said this special presentation would introduce a piece of the MCU that is "quite important" to the future of this universe.

Laura Donnelly ... Elsa Bloodstone

Gael García Bernal ... Jack Russell / Werewolf by Night

Harriet Sansom Harris ... Verussa Bloodstone

Gael García Bernal ... Jack Russell / Werewolf by Night

Laura Donnelly ... Elsa Bloodstone

Gael García Bernal ... Jack Russell / Werewolf by Night


Marvel Studios’ Special Presentation: Werewolf By Night

Trailer Playlist

Gael García Bernal ... Jack Russell / Werewolf by Night
Laura Donnelly ... Elsa Bloodstone
Harriet Sansom Harris ... Verussa Bloodstone
Kirk R. Thatcher ... Jovan
Eugenie Bondurant ... Azarel
Leonardo Nam ... Liorn
Daniel J. Watts ... Barasso

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