FILMELY๐Ÿฆ‹: His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 1: Where Is the Mother of All Sins? ๐ŸŽฅ720

Dec 7, 2022

His Dark Materials Season 3 Episode 1: Where Is the Mother of All Sins? ๐ŸŽฅ720

In Season 3 Episode 1 of His Dark Materials (The Enchanted Sleeper), Lord Asriel Belacqua journeys to another world to recruit Commander Ogunwe into the forces of the Republic of Heaven in the war against the Authority; Meanwhile, Marisa Coulter takes Lyra to an island in Germany to avoid the hunt of the Magisterium, and gives her daily anesthetics to fall into a deep sleep.

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With the help of the subtle knife ร†sahรฆttr, Will travels through many worlds in search of Lyra but to no avail because he has no clue to where she could be.

He meets two angels, Baruch and Balthamos, who want to bring him to join Asriel's forces. Balthamos uses the Golden Compass to help Will locate Lyra, after which he returns to Asriel's base to report the news. Baruch goes with Will to find Lyra.

Along the way, Will encounters Iorek Byrnison the Bear who is raiding a village demanding the release of another bear. Will empowers Iorek and asks the villagers to release the captured bear. Iorek joins Will on a journey to find Lyra.

In Geneva, believing that Lyra was the embodiment of Eve - the mother of all sins, Cardinal Hugh MacPhail sent Father Gomez to lead a force to capture Lyra and Marisa Coulter.


Dafne Keen...Lyra Belacqua 

Ruth Wilson...Marisa Coulter
Anne-Marie Duff...Maggie 'Ma' Costa 
Clarke Peters...The Master of Jordan College
James Cosmo...Farder Coram van Texel
Ariyon Bakare...Lord Carlo Boreal
Will Keen...Father Hugh MacPhail (later Cardinal)
Lucian Msamati...Lord John Faa, of the Western Gyptians
Gary Lewis...Thorold
Lewin Lloyd...Roger Parslow
Daniel Frogson...Tony Costa, Ma Costa's elder son
James McAvoy...Lord Asriel Belacqua
Lin-Manuel Miranda...Lee Scoresby
Ruta Gedmintas...Serafina Pekkala
Amir Wilson...Will Parry
Nina Sosanya...Elaine Parry
Jade Anouka...Ruta Skadi
Sean Gilder...Father Graves
Simone Kirby...Dr Mary Malone
Andrew Scott...Colonel John Parry
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ... Ogunwe
Jonathan Aris ... Commander Roke
Chipo Chung ... Xaphania
Simon Harrison ... Baruch
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith ... Balthamos
Jamie Ward ... Father Gomez
Amber Fizgerald-Woolfe ... Ama