FILMELY : Paramount+ Confirms Seal Team Season 7 Renewal After Much Delay

Feb 5, 2023

Paramount+ Confirms Seal Team Season 7 Renewal After Much Delay

After many delays, the movie streaming platform Paramount+ has officially confirmed the deployment of Seal Team Season 7, but there is no official information on the shooting schedule as well as the show time for the new season.

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Season 7 will be the third season of the series to be aired on Paramount+ since leaving CBS television. It is worth noting that the duration of each season has been significantly shortened from 20-22 episodes (previously on CBS) to 10-14 episodes as they were in the last 2 seasons.

The delay in the decision to renew Seal Team made fans impatient and launch a campaign on social networks with the hashtag #RenewSEALTeam, making Seal Team suddenly become "viral" somehow.

The producer's hesitation on this regard is known to stem from the cost concers. Previously, the crew leased the stage and sets for 9 months to produce 20-22 episodes per season. Currently, each season only has 10 episodes, the filming time is significantly shortened, so the sets are left untouched for a long time, triggering unnecessary costs.

The departure of actor Max Thieriot (portraying Clay Spenser) partly affected the viewership and sponsors of the series. Max is currently working on co-producing and starring in the series Fire County, which also airs on CBS.

Season 6 marked the personnel change of Team Bravo when Clay Spenser was killed in an accident situation instead of on the battlefield. Omar - the member No 2 of Foxtrot team was transferred to Bravo and he gradually took on the role of Bravo 2. Bravo still lacks a sharpshooter like Clay Spenser, so there are some difficulties in their combat.

In the final episode of Season 6, Bravo 1 Jason was awarded the Navy Cross, but at the awarding ceremony, he refused to accept it and publicly announced his TBI. Despite receiving solidarity and protection from other commandos, whether Jason and Ray can be allowed to continue fighting is still a big question.

In February 2022, Paramount+ announced the possibility of making a Seal Team feature movie to air on the platform. However, so far there is no further information on this plan or at least whether Paramount are still sticking to it or cancel it


David Boreanaz ... Jason Hayes a.k.a Bravo 1/1B 
Max Thieriot ... Clay Spenser a.k.a Bravo 6/6B / Green Team Instructor
Jessica Par矇 ... Amanda Ellis
Neil Brown Jr ... Raymond "Ray" Perry a.k.a Bravo 2 / 2B
A. J. Buckley ... Sonny Quinn a.k.a Bravo 3 / 3B
Tyler Grey ... Trent
Toni Trucks ... Lisa Davis
Judd Lormand ... Eric Blackburn
Justin Melnick ... Brock
Parisa Fakhri ... Naima Perry
Alona Tal ... Stella
Kim Hawthorne ... Admiral Stevens
Tyler Jacob Moore ... Major Gerretsen