FILMELY : Nh璽n v廕負 瓊 khが廙c t廙 廙 ngh廙 lm Ch獺nh vn ph簷ng Nh Tr廕疸g c廙吧 Donald Trump

Dec 13, 2018

Nh璽n v廕負 瓊 khが廙c t廙 廙 ngh廙 lm Ch獺nh vn ph簷ng Nh Tr廕疸g c廙吧 Donald Trump

The 36y Nick Ayers is the one who turned down Donald Trump’s offer to work as White House Chief of Staff.
Nick Ayers l nh璽n v廕負 36 tu廙i 瓊 ch廙i t廙 l廙i 廙 ngh廙 c廙吧 Donald Trump 廙 籀ng vai tr簷 Ch獺nh vn ph簷ng Nh tr廕疸g.

Born in 1985, Ayers is an American lobbyist and political consultant who has been Chief of Staff to Vice President Mike Pence since July 2017.
Sinh nm 1985, Ayers lm m廙t nh v廕要 廙ng v c廙 v廕叩 ch穩nh tr廙, hi廙n ang l Ch獺nh vn ph簷ng c廙吧 Ph籀 t廙ng th廙ng Mike Pence t廙 th獺ng 7/2017.

Previously, being national chairman for Pence's vice-presidential campaign in 2016, former executive director of the Republican Governors Association 2007 - 2010.
Trが廙c 璽y, 繫ng t廙南g l Ch廙 t廙ch chi廕積 d廙ch tranh c廙 c廙吧 PTT Pence nm 2016, Gi獺m 廙c i廙u hnh Hi廙p h廙i Th廙ng 廙c C廙ng h簷a 2007-2010.

In 2010, Ayers was named as one of Time's 40 most influential people in politics under the age of 40.
Nm 2010, Ayers が廙θ T廕︾ ch穩 Time vinh danh l m廙t trong 40 ngが廙i c籀 廕τh hが廙ng nh廕另 trong ch穩nh tr廙 廙 tu廙i dが廙i 40.

Being one of four leading figures in America First Policies - MAGA, and a senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump's transition team.
L m廙t trong b廙n nh璽n v廕負 hng 廕吟 trong Ch穩nh s獺ch nが廙c M廙 tr礙n h廕篙 - MAGA, v l c廙 v廕叩 c廕叼 cao cho nh籀m chuy廙n ti廕穆 c廙吧 T廙ng th廙ng 廕畚 c廙 Donald Trump.

In December 2018, he was described as a leading contender to succeed John F. Kelly as White House Chief of Staff, but he decided not to take the job.
Vo th獺ng 12/2018, 繫ng が廙θ 廙n o獺n l 廙姊g c廙 vi礙n hng 廕吟 廙 k廕 nhi廙m John F. Kelly lm Ch獺nh vn ph簷ng Nh Tr廕疸g, nhがng 繫ng quy廕篙 廙nh kh繫ng nh廕要 c繫ng vi廙c ny.

In addition, Ayers also stated that he would leave the Trump Administration by the end of the year.
Ngoi ra, Ayers c觼ng tuy礙n b廙 r廕彫g 繫ng s廕 r廙i kh廙i Ch穩nh quy廙n Trump vo cu廙i nm nay (2018).