Jun 23, 2019

Avengers Endgame: Which is the saddest farewell - Iron Man, Black Widow or Captain America?

The Infinity War had wiped out many of our heros, the Endgame War has brought them back, but in the mean time some of our favorite characters would leave the Marvel world forever.

Who would you miss the most?

A soul for a Soul. Black Widow sacrified herself so that Clint Barton could get the Soul Stone on the Vormir.

On the way back to the past to return the Stones to the time line, Captain America decided to live his full life - his youth - as a normal man besideds his lover. He returned to the present as an old man and handed over the Shield - the symbol of Captain America to Black Panther.

One chance in a 14 millions. Iron Man snapped the Infinity Gloves of 5 Stones to wipe out Thanos's army and the titan. He could not survive the subsequent destruction of such a snap.