FILMELY๐Ÿฆ‹: Captain America is as strong as Thor, no doubt!

Jul 23, 2019

Captain America is as strong as Thor, no doubt!

With Avengers Endgame, it as the time to say farewell to Captian America in Marvel world of heros. It was also the time we came to know more about the potential of Captain America – quite fantastic.

The endgame fighting with Thanos started with just 3 heroes: Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. When Iron Man was torn apart and thrown away, and Thor was pushed back with the possibility of his own hammer killing him.

Captain America suddenly summoned the original Hammer to the surprise of Thor. At that time, he was the sole human, in stead of a God, could do it. It was the time Thor was saved from the fatal hit by Thanos.

With the thunder hammer, Captain American could make a beat back, making Thanos falling down in the face-to-face clash.

He even could summon thunder from the sky to blast the villain.

However, his critical hit on Thanos was missed and he lost the momentum, subsequently overwhelmed by Thanos.

After a long journey of almost ten years in the Avengers world, we finally came to know his ultimate power. But he wont come back …