Dec 14, 2019

The Mandalorian - Star Wars - Chapter Six - The Prisoner

Mando reaches out to his former partner Ran on a space station for work. The job involves using his ship to transport four other hunters including ex-Imperial sharpshooter Mayfield, Devaronian strongman Burg, droid pilot Q9-0, and Twi'lek woman Xi'an to rescue Xi'an's brother Qin, a prisoner of the New Republic. On Mando ship, the crew discovers Baby Yoda by chance and thinks that it is just a pet.

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After infiltrating the prison ship, Mando alone fights through security droids, while the others just stand and  watch. They finally reach the control room where a New Republic soldier triggers a security beacon before being killed by Xi'an with her shuriken.

The crew rescues Qin but the others double-crosses Mando by suddenly pushing him into the cell and close the door. He manages to escape and defeats each crew member, then captures Qin. Droid Q9-0  deciphers the archived transmission from Greef Karga, knows the truth about The Kid and tries to find to kill him. Mando just returns in time to save The Kid.

Mando delivers Qin to Ran and departs with his payment. Ran immediately orders a fightship to follow and kill Mando. Right at moment he realizes that New Republic beacon had been secretly placed on Qin. A trio of X-wings from the New Republic soon fly to Ran's station and open fire.


Available Subtitle: Vietnamese (Vietsub), English, Spanish, German, Italian, French

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