Dec 23, 2020

Star Wars: The last Jedi 2017 - The greatest lesson is failure

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" 2017 sums up the Resistance's escape from First Order's efforts to terminate them and rule the whole galaxy. In the series of developments, Rey is guided by Luke Skywalker the first steps to explore and control the Force and gradually becomes a true Jedi.


@ Grand Master Yoda encourages the heart-broken Luke not to give up on training Rey. Link to watch the movie online is near the end of this article.

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Rey and Kylo Ben

The spaceless interactions with Ben through the Force makes Rey believe that Ben still have some humanity qualities hidden inside. Ben even finds satisfactory reasons to explain for the act of killing his father Han Solo as well as his betraying Master Luke and devastating the Jedi Academy, thereby gaining her sympathy.

Despite Luke's warnings and discouragement, Rey tries to meet Ben only to realize that Ben's ambition and dark intentions cannot be touched and changed: Ben kills Snoke to take the position as the First Order's Supreme Leader and determines to completely terminate the Resistance force.

Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ben

Luke is both Ben's teacher and uncle (Luke is the brother of Leia who is Ben's brother - Ben's mother), he is also a close friend of Han Solo - Ben's father. Luke dedicated himself into training Ben but he was too slow to realize that the dark side of the Force is gradually taking over Ben.

Luke used to use the Force and felt that Ben would become a disaster of the galaxy. It was his hesitation in killing Ben that led to the collapse of the Jedi Academy and the slaughters of his disciples. Since then, he no longer cared about life, lived in seclusion and wanted to see himself as the last Jedi.

It was Han Solo's death and the request of his sister Leia that made him return for the last time to confront Ben, giving the few survivors of the Resistance a chance to escape.

As he prepares to fight Ben, Luke says that he is not the last Jedi, maybe he is in  reference to Rey, or maybe there are some other Jedis that have not yet been introduced in the Star Wars world. If linking to "The Mandalorian", is it possible that Baby Yoda Grogu is among the last Jedies besides Rey?


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