Mar 18, 2021

Justice League cast' cold face on Snyder Cut release, except Ray Fisher and Henry Cavill

Justice League 2021 Zack Snyder's version (also known as Snyder Cut) received the indifference from most of the main cast when it was eventually aired on HBO Max a day ago, as so different from the big promotions in 2017.

Justice League casts' cold face on Snyder Cut release, except Ray Fisher and Henry Cavill

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Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) hardly mentioned Snyder Cut on her personal Facebook of 17 million followers. Two days before Snyder Cut airing (March 16), she only posted there to promote Wonder Woman 1984's Digital Copy.

Jason Momoa ( Aquaman) did not mention League of Justice 2021 on his main social channel being Instagram with more than 15 million followers.

Ben Affleck (Batman) has only one symbolic action: to change the cover image of his Facebook page with 1.6 million followers to a poster image of Zack Snyder's Justice League.

This lethargy can originate from various reasons: the above actors and actress already fulfilled their obligations to promote the movie since ... 2017 and are now busy with new projects; or maybe they don't want to talk much about a movie that has been a disappointment to fans and a huge box office failure.

Ray Fisher (Cyborg) is probably the most enthusiastic actor in promoting Snyder Cut. His Instagram is filled with images and trailers about the movie. This is pretty understandable too: the 2021 version has put his character almost at the center of the movie plot and this may be his last affair with DC Films after many conflicts and arguments.

Don't be too disappointed. There is still a Henry Cavill Superman, although he is now more mentioned as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, and he hasn't forgotten to congratulate Zack Snyder on his work.

He wrote: "Here's to you Zack. Congratulations! I know this has been an arduous journey for you, you kept fighting, though. I couldn't be happier to see your vision for Justice League realised. And what a movie it is! ".

Henry Cavill also posted some behind-the-scenes photos, with Zack Snyder in directing. After only 4 hours of posting, his post has received 150,000 likes and more than 4,000 "congratulations" comments.



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