Jun 28, 2021

Loki Series: Judith of “The Walking Dead” to play the female Loki child (Sylvie)

Marvel's new Loki trailer has revealed new details about Sylvie's relationship with Time Variance Authority:  she was apprehended by TVA as a child. It is expected that Episode 4 of Loki will explain why Lady Loki (Sylvie) hates TVA so much and plans for several years to destroy the Time Keepers.

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Marvel is brilliant at keeping Sylvie a secret until the end of Episode 2, and upon her arrival she has quickly become one of the main characters of the Loki series and possibly of the entire Marvel Universe Future. However, there is still a lot about this Loki Variant that has yet to be revealed.

Sylvie ambushed TVA hunters, stealing their equipment and ravaging the timelines, creating new branches of chaos in the universe. In Loki Episode 3, Sylvie reveals she's spent most of her life running away from TVA and that "the universe wants to set free and it manifests chaos like me".

The trailer shows Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Sophia Di Martino (Sylvie) discussing the character, interspersed with some new clips from upcoming episodes. In it, there is a scene where a young girl dressed in Asgardian royal attire - presumably a young Sylvie (Cailey Fleming as Judith in "The Walking Dead") - is escorted through TVA's time portal.

The trailer seems to confirm the popular theory that Sylvie's timeline branch has been deleted or reset by TVA, so her parents, hometown, and ethnicity may all be gone. This also matches her sad mood when talking to Loki about her mother."

This may have led her to the path of revenge.

Sylvie also reveals in Episode 3 that all of TVA's Agents are actually brainwashed Variants, and not created by the Time Keepers as Mobius said (maybe he doesn't even know this himself). Young Sylvie may have been forced to work for the TVA for a period of time, before her escape.

Our God of Mischief Loki is now a man who has lost all his way in life, actually he has no where to go now, and he will probably follow the path Sylvie chooses.



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