FILMELY🦋: Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 4: Shadow Fold's Origin As Depicted by Kirigan 🎥720

Jun 27, 2021

Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 4: Shadow Fold's Origin As Depicted by Kirigan 🎥720

In Shadow and Bone's Episode 4, "Otkazat'sya", Alina is informed by Genya that she will be riding a horse with General Kirigan. When offered a choice of a blue or black kefta outfit, Alina decides to stick with the blue, as she considers black to be the color of Kirigan.

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Kirigan asks Alina to call him by his informal name Aleksander. They ride to an old fountain that Kirigan used to visit as a child. There, Kirigan told Alina about the origin of the Shadow Fold and his past. Accordingly, a few hundred years ago, Emperor Anastas recruited a Grisha with the ability to summon the dark, known as the Black Heretic, as a military advisor, helping him conquer other countries. Later, the Black Heretic grew increasingly ambitious for power, causing the king to fear a coup d'etat, so he sent his army to kill the Black Heretic and all the Grishas who were supported him. Outnumbered, the Black Heretic used the black magic Morozova to create his own army. However, he failed, instead of creating an army, he created the Shadow Fold. According to Kirigan, he is a descendant of the Black Heretic; and all he's trying to do is atone for the mistakes of his previous generation, by tearing down the Fold.


At Chernast in the North, Mal languishes for a letter from Alina, but in vain. When he hears that General Kirigan is offering a reward to anyone who could find Morozova's Tag to be honored to visit the Imperial Palace; Mal volunteers to accept the mission in the hope of getting a chance to see Alina again, some of his friends also join. In the journey to find the Tag, they only meet herds of ordinary deer. Due to being too absorbed, Mal's team accidentally cross the border and enter the territory of the Fjerda Kingdom and they are attacked. Mal's comrades are all killed; and Mal in the most desperate moment see the Tag appear exactly as in the sketch.


Without the Heartrender's help, the Crows devise a way to infiltrate the Royal Palace by joining a Circus Troupe invited by the Queen to perform at the Great Banquet. The group stage a trick so that the main dancer is injured in an accident and Inej is nominated for the role as alternative. To prepare for the plan, the Crows also spent a lot of effort copying the map of the Royal Palace to locate the room Alina is supposedly living in.

The hypnotized Grisha Nina and the DRSKELLE WARRIOR

After being kidnapped, Nina is put on a ship, along with many other Grishas to be transported to the Kingdom of Fjerda for the Icy Court - where the Grishas will be judged to be evil or not. On the ship, Nina talks to a young Grisha hunter and tries to change his mind, but is completely powerless in the face of an ingrained prejudice. The ship encountered a big storm, the commander ordered him to kill all Grishas onboard as it is about to sink.