Jun 9, 2021

Superman & Lois Episode 8: Different Earths then Different Personalities 🎥

In Episode 8 of Superman & Lois, "Holding the Wrench", the secrets of General Sam's Project 7734 are revealed: it's a high-end arsenal powered by Kryptonite to incapacitate aliens (Kryptonians like Superman). Marcus is interrogated and determined to be an alien from another Earth, who bears the exact looking of John Henry Irons in this Earth.

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Lois and Jonnathan get into Marcus's RV to explore its secret. Lois is an authorized user by the AI, thanks to her name and voice, so she can easily find out information about the Marcus - Lois family in the other Earth, and she learns of the existence of a Natalie - the same name she was about to given to her miscarriage daughter.

While Lois gets out of the RV to talk to Clark on the phone, Jonnathan is curious to explore the vehicle when the AI ​​asks for his identity. The boy turns out to be a denied user to gets access so the AI ​​activates her termination mode. Luckily Superman just appears in time to save him from the rain of bullets.

Rosetti - an officer at the Department of Defense headquarters turns out to be a super-powered person working for Morgan Edge. He leads Marcus down to Cellar 7734 in order to lure Superman down here to get him killed. As Marcus prepares to stab Superman with a Kryptonite spear, Lois appears to convince him to stop.

Eventually, after being persuaded by Lois, Marcus begins to believe that this Earth is different from his Earth, and that Lois here just looks like his wife but actually a completely different person; and this Superman is different too. When Marcus is released, he asks the AI ​​to delete the profile of Captain Luthor, and address him the official name of John Henry Irons.


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