FILMELY 🦋: Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 5: Kirigan's True Face 🎥720

Jul 27, 2021

Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 5: Kirigan's True Face 🎥720

In Episode 5 of "Shadow and Bone" - Show Me Who You Are, the truth about General Kirigan is revealed, causing Alina to panic and flee.

@ Alina và Kirigan lúc cảm xúc dâng cao. Phim được chiếu trên Netflix hoặc theo link ở gần cuối bài viết.




The fact that Alina had not received any letters from Mal for a long time makes her think that Mal had forgotten her. She decides to ask the Tailor Genya Safin to remove the childhood scar on her arm – a way to help her forget Mal and focus on her magic training. Alina also gradually integrates and enjoys the luxurious life at the Royal Palace. The charming and intelligent Kirigan tries to find many ways to win the heart of Alina and the girl easily fell in love. The sublimation moment is perhaps the passionate kiss between Alina and Kirigan – they even planned to do things even hotter than that.


After a difficult journey and many obstacles, Mal meets Kirigan with the story the magical Tag he saw at the border. Mal refuses to reveal the specific location of the Tag, until he met Alina. While Kirigan is searching for Alina after the Royal Banquet, Bahgra sends someone to trick Mal with the intention of killing him in order to conceal information about the Tag, preventing Kirigan from being able to access the magical beast to amplify his power. . Bahgra also meets Alina in person and tells her the truth about Kirigan: he is the Black Heretic himself and his purpose is not to remove the Fold but to use it to rule the world. Bahgra advises Alina to run away to avoid being manipulated and become Kirigan's "slave".


The Shadow Fold divides Western Ravkan from the imperial court in Eastern Ravkan, making the influence of the palace increasingly limited. The Western Ravkans are also dissatisfied with having to supply boys and girls to the East to increase manpower. The general of the West Ravka, Zlatan, is actively mobilizing the people to establish an independent nation. Zlatan also plots to kill Alina - because she is the one who promises to have the ability to remove the Shadow Fold, making Zlatan's independent scheme to be foiled.

The Crow' Alina Abduction Plan

The Crows successfully infiltrate the Royal Gala Dinner to find a way to capture Alina. Kaz Brekker discover that Alina has a stuntman to distract; he directs the Guide to the fake Alina. As Brekker had predicted, the Guide was complicit with General West Ravkan and his goal was to kill Alina. His killing of the fake Alina cause an uproar throughout the Imperial Palace, with the Grishas of Kirian pursuing the Crows in the Imperial Palace; Inej killed a Grisha to save Brekker. The Crows follow the real Alina. But as they are leading Alina away, Kirigan appears and take her away. The Black Crow's initial plan fails. With no other option, the Crows decide to abandon the plan and leave. However, by accident, Alina chooses to hide in their carriage before it departs.