FILMELY 🦋: Generation Kill Episode 4: Trombley's Heroic Moment 🎥

Aug 12, 2021

Generation Kill Episode 4: Trombley's Heroic Moment 🎥

In the episode “Combat Jack” of Generation Kill series, the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion is far ahead of the rest of the Division, so they slow down their movement and have more time to rest. And this is the occasion when the soldiers' frustrations with their superiors are heated up and exploded.

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The built-up discontent stemmed from the decision to leave behind the supply truck in the previous episode, which had staple food on it. Lacking food, soldiers now only eat one meal a day. So hungry, someone even pick up the leftovers that were thrown away.

Later, they also discover that the abandoned truck had the battalion's colors. And now it is in the hands of the enemy. This is a real shame on the Godfather.

This displeasure is shown in many rather excellent scenes. When the obscure Craig "Encino Man" Schwetje (Brian Patrick Wade) goes to meet the soldiers and suggests they speak out their mind, Robert Timothy "Doc" Bryan (Jonah Lotan) bluntly says, "It's just you are incompetent, sir."

And the lamp duck Dave "Captain America" ​​McGraw (Eric Nenninger) has received a blunt warning from Sergeant Eric Kocher (Owain Yeoman) to fuck him up if he is to shoot the AK again. "Captain America" ​​has to do his horribly humiliating job of burying his crappy AK guns.

During one of the company's ambushes by the road, Trombley (Billy Lush) recklessly stands in the open to see where the bullets come from while everyone else ran for cover. Thanks to his positioning skills, the helicopter destroy the enemy. 

Trombley receive the admiration of his teammates. He says, he wants to see what it feels like to be shot, and when he watched a game show on TV at home, he felt more nervous than when I am here. Well, listen to such, Iceman Brad is speechless and eyes-wide-opened.

General Zaid Alhamadi's (CIA-trained) Iraqi Freedom Fighters also appear and plan to coordinate with the Reconnaissance Battalion on another mission. However, the group soon fled away when their campaign was compromised, and many were captured and executed by Ba'ath Party loyalists.

Bravo Company's next mission is to build a roadblocks on the main roads north of Al Hayy Town (previously occupied by Charlie Company) to prevent the enemy from returning.

While protecting the road, several unfortunate incidents happen. The soldiers had no choice but to shoot down the approaching vehicles if they did not obey the warning shots. There were cases where there were civilians in the vehicle, but they did not understand the meaning of the warning shots. 

Like many civilians whose loved ones had been wounded before, they did not resent the Americans because they thought they were being liberated.

  • Eric Nenninger ... Dave "Captain America" McGraw,  3rd Platoon Commander, Bravo

  • Pawel Szajda...Corporal Walt Hasser, Turret Position, V-01, 2nd Platoon, Bravo

  • Billy Lush...Lance Corporal Harold James Trombley, V-02, 2nd Platoon, Bravo




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  • Alexander Skarsgard...Staff Sergeant Brad "Iceman" Colbert, V-01, 2nd Platoon, Bravo
  • James Ransone...Corporal Josh Ray Person, V-01, 2nd Platoon, Bravo
  • Billy Lush...Lance Corporal Harold James Trombley, V-02, 2nd Platoon, Bravo
  • Pawel Szajda...Corporal Walt Hasser, Turret Position, V-01, 2nd Platoon, Bravo
  • Lee Tergesen...Evan "Rolling Stone" Wright
  • Chance Kelly...Lieutenant Colonel Stephen "Godfather" Ferrando, 1st Recon Battalion Commander
  • Stark Sands...First Lieutenant Nathaniel Fick, 2nd Platoon Commander
  • Brian Wade...Captain Craig "Encino Man" Schwetje, Bravo Company Commander
  • Eric Nenninger ... Dave "Captain America" McGraw,  3rd Platoon Commander, Bravo
  • Owain Yeoman ... Sergeant Eric Kocher, 3rd Platoon
  • Marc Menchaca...Gunnery Sergeant Mike "Gunny" Wynn 
  • Jon Huertas...Sergeant Antonio "Poke" Espera, V-02, 2nd Platoon, Bravo
  • Mike Figueroa...Sergeant Leandro "Shady B" Baptista
  • Josh Barrett...Sergeant Larry Shawn "Pappy" Patrick 
  • Sergeant Rodolfo "Rudy" Reyes...Himself, V-03, 2nd Platoon, Bravo
  • Jonah Lotan...Hospital Corpsman Second Class Robert Timothy "Doc" Bryan
  • Wilson Bethel...Corporal Evan "Q-Tip" Stafford 
  • Pawel Szajda...Corporal Walt Hasser 
  • Rey Valentin...Corporal Gabriel "Gabe" Garza 
  • Sean Brosnan...Corporal Daniel Redman 
  • Kellan Lutz...Corporal Jason Lilley 
  • Rich McDonald...Corporal Anthony "Manimal" Jacks 
  • Eric Ladin...Corporal James Chaffin 
  • Daniel Fox...Private First Class John Christeson
  • Stefan Otto ... Cpl. Nathan Christopher