FILMELYπŸ¦‹: Apple TV's See Season 2 Episode 4: Can It Be a Marriage, an Alliance or Both? πŸŽ₯

Sep 18, 2021

Apple TV's See Season 2 Episode 4: Can It Be a Marriage, an Alliance or Both? πŸŽ₯

In the episode "The Witchfinder" of Apple TV's SEE series Season 2, Kofun arrives at Pennsa city just as his mother Maghra and Lord Harlan's wedding is being held; Baba Voss' group temporarily shelter at the survivors of his slaughtered tribe.

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In Trivantes Republic

A soldier in the Witchfinders army in Paya is disgruntled with Queen Kane's new policy of treating people with vision as blessed instead of witches as before. He becomes the traiter and joins the Trivantes army, offers to tell Edo some secrets. Thanks to this, Edo Voss learns that Haniwa and Kofun are actually the children of Princess Maghra and the nephews of Kane.

Edo is anxious to bring troops to attack Paya, but an influential figure in the Council advocates for negotiations. The goal of this politician is to give Trivantes time to mobilize 1 or 2 battalions currently defending the West against the Ganites, to the East in time if fighting is to break out with Paya.

In Paya Kingdom

After her wedding to Harlan, Maghra seeks to turn it into an alliance instead of a marriage, refusing to have sex with Harlan. Thinking that Baba and Haniwa are still being held captive in Trivantes, she asks Harlan to hire someone to rescue them.

Upon returning to his mother, Kofun has a tendency to disagree with Maghra and criticize her previous decisions, including hiding his identity and forbidding him and his sister from reading books. Kofun seems to sympathize with Kane - who is showing signs of wanting to commit incest with him in order to have a child with vision.




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