Oct 13, 2021

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 1 (P1): In the North Korean Land ๐ŸŽฅ

In the first episode of Seal Team Season 5 "Trust, But Verify: Part 1",  Bravo is sent to North Korea to bring in a top weapons scientist of country to flee.

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The operation is assigned unexpectedly, when the entire team are being gathered for a training course. They are taken to the US Yongsan military base stationed in Seoul, South Korea to prepare for the operation.

The plan is that Bravo would connect with Kwan - a North Korean woman who defected to South Korea and is now secretly working for the Americans. Kwan returned to North Korea and went underground operations. She will help Bravo plan to take scientist Jin from the laboratory in a nuclear power complex to the shore to evacuate.

Entering North Korean territory by sea or across the border with South Korea is impossible, Jason comes up with the idea of ​​​​using a commercial flight from the Russian city of Vladivostok - near the border with North Korea and China, and parachute when the plane passes the target location.

At an important stage of the operation, an unexpected turn of events occurrs when Kwan is arrested by the North Korean secret police.



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