Oct 13, 2021

SWAT Season 5 Episode 1: the Land with Silver Mine 🎥

In the episode "Vagabundo" (Homeless) of S.W.A.T. Season 5, Hondo goes to Mexico for some time to meditate after the unhappy occurrences in his career, however, in order to help a neighbor mother and daughter, he is forced to confront a criminal ring here.

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Arthur Novak is an international criminal hiding in Mexico under the guise of a businessman. Arthur and his son want to buy the land of Delfina family because they know it has a lucrative silver mine.

According to Hondo's theory, Novak tried to kill Delfina's father and faked the scene as an accident. Arthur Novak's son also sought to harass and threaten Delfina in many ways to force her and her mother to accept the offer of buying their land.

Hondo's vacation soon turns into a somewhat dangerous investigation and fightings. He also finds a way to get the help of a honest local police officer in a system that has been crippled by brides, manipulation and threatening.


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