FILMELY 🦋: Seal Team Season 5 Episode 1 (P2): PTSD and Light Amnesia 🎥

Oct 18, 2021

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 1 (P2): PTSD and Light Amnesia 🎥

In part 2 of Episode 1 Seal Team Season 5 - Trust, But Verify, Jason ventures to complete the operation to get scientist Jin defected from North Korea despite his superiors just want to consider it compromised.

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After Kwan's arrest by North Korean secret police, Bravo internally debates on what to do: to quickly exile because North Korea might have discovered their plan; or stay to implement the original operation.

After North Korean TV reports on Kwan's arrest for illegal entry into the Laboratory, and does not mention anything else, Bravo and Havoc base are reassured that their plan has not been revealed, although there is still the risk of Kwan's break and giving up.

Jason proposes to continue the plan to break into the nuclear power complex to get Jin out. This prompts Havoc base to work with General Parham to adjust the submarine's arrival time to pick them up.

The operation continuously encounter many problems: Jin is sick and too weak to walk on his own; on their way to the coast they have to pass a minefield; the North Korean navy suddenly increases their patrols, causing General Parham to push the submarine's boarding time earlier; and Jason is mind-glitched to leave his EoD Probe on the way ...

Returning from the unexpected mission, Ray frankly shares with his teammates about his psychological trauma (PTSD) after being arrested and tortured; Clay is reluctantly happy to know that Stella is pregnant; Jason is tormented himself by symptoms of amnesia.