FILMELY 🦋: Apple TV's See Season 2 Episode 8: Sleep in Peace 🎥

Oct 15, 2021

Apple TV's See Season 2 Episode 8: Sleep in Peace 🎥

In the "Rock-A-Bye" episode of the SEE series Season 2, as the Payan army prepares for an inevitable defeat, the people of the Hidden Tribes suddenly appear with Paris, that helps narrowing the gap in numbers between the two sides.

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The Trivantians still have the advantage of overwhelming numbers and they are all skilled warriors. Besides Wren's eyesight, the help of a visionary boy who is the son of Jaramarel, and crossbow armament are Trivantes' other strengths. Meanwhile, the eyesight of Hanniwa and Kofun did not help the Payan army much.

Jun and Baba devise a variety of strategies to gain the upper hand, including luring the enemies into a canyon and setting fire to them, and ultimately a decisive trap on a glacier.

At the end of the battle, Edo lures Baba to a bridge for their final duel: Edo has no home to return to after this defeat. He chooses to die at the hands of Baba and before he dies he learns a bitter truth: it was their father who ordered Baba to kill Edo.

After resisting the invasion of Trivantes, Queen Maghra announces to dissolve the Witchfinders and convert them into the Royal Guard, of which Jun is made High General. About half of them opposes the decision and leaves the army, including Commander Ferik.

At the end of the episode, Ferik - now a General of the Witchfinders finds Oloman to test explosives for unknown schemes. Baba after spending a night with Maghra quietly leaves the palace. Kane kills Paris.

See you again in Season 3!




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