Nov 5, 2021

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 4: The Heat in West Africa ๐ŸŽฅ

Episode 4 of Seal Team Season 5 – “Need To Know”, Bravo Team execute an anti-terrorist operation in West Africa after the Sahaba of Greater Sahel (SGS) carries out suicide bombings in tourist attractions, killing more than 300 people including 20 Americans.

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The original objective of the mission is to terminate the three high-valued targets (HVTs) who directed the bombings that had just occurred.

Based on information about the cars of the three HVTs, Havoc plans  for Bravo to raid at night in a crowded market quarter to reach the targets' shelters. However, the operation has to be aborted during deployment when intel updates shows that the HVTs are not there, and Bravo Team have to return to base.

The new plan is to attack an airfield controlled by SGS, where three HVTs are expected to board a plane to leave West Africa. Bravo Team kill 2 HVTs, and searched everywhere but there is no trace of the third one.

New intelligence says a third target is on a train headed for the US Consulate building, and this looks like another suicide bombing. While leaving the SGS office, Jason discovers a photo of Agent Mandy being handcuffed – she appears to be among the SGS custodians.

In internal relations, information about Ray being tortured and suffering from PTS trauma was reported to the superiors by someone, and it is not clear whether the informer is a Bravo member or not. This makes both Ray and Jason begin to be wary of Clay Spencer, especially after Jason showed signs of memory loss when he forgot his EDA during the operation in North Korea.

After 2 years of no contact, Clay ran into his father again, but the father-son relationship continues to strain since Clay is still angry about his father's book based on his own stories. Jason is deliberately becoming a "terrorist" before his future son-in-law, and is adamantly against his career-oriented idea of ​​entering the Navy to become a Seal commando.



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