Nov 5, 2021

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 5: Bomb in the Train 🎥

Episode 5 of Seal Team Season 5 – “Frog on the Tracks”, Team Bravo follows the 3rd HVT of SGS on a train on the way to bomb the Consulate.

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The option of stopping the train will make the terrorists to act relentlessly, so Bravo Team uses helicopters to follow and approach the train. They infiltrate it , gradually locating the targets and identifying the bomb location.

Suddenly, the 3rd HVT Saidou Boukare gets off the train when it stops at a station; Jason is afraid that losing him would mean no clues to find Mandy, so he sends lay and Trent to follow, causing Bravo's force to be scattered.

However, the few Bravo members on board still manage to control the terrorists when only a few minutes is left before the it enteres the target area to explode the bomb.

In this mission, Bravo Team coordinate with the Ground Branch Task Force led by Dryden. The Ground Branch is an arm of the CIA, made up of selected members of the Air Force and Marine special forces, including Seal teams, which act as paramilitary units of the CIA.

Occurrence during the operations leads Clay to begin to suspect that Dryden was intentionally using Bravo to do things that should have been within the Ground Branch's responsibility and ability, such as attacking the airfield. Also, Dryden is deliberately pushing Bravo away from his quest to hunt down Boukare.

Jason is driven by the desire to rescue Mandy – who now has a mysterious identity: whether she has really left the CIA and is operating as a civilian, or is she still working for the CIA under another cover? Finally, Dryden confirms Mandy is a "former agent" and that rescuing her was not part of the mission.

Jason tries to get Bravo to be included in the hunt for Boukare, and his goal is to capture him alive to get the clues about Mandy instead of killing him.