FILMELY 🦋: Seal Team Season 5 Episode 6: A Professional Liar Found and Saved 🎥

Dec 22, 2021

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 6: A Professional Liar Found and Saved 🎥

In Episode 6 of Seal Team Season 5 – “Man on Fire”, the capture of SGS's third HVT, Boukare, does not lead to any clues to finding Mandy; Bravo team have to find another solution.

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When interrogating Boukare for Mandy's whereabouts to no avail, Jason seems to intentionally let another SGS gunman escape, perhaps in the hopes that Davis would later track down his phone.

Capturing Boukare means the operation is complete and Dryden will not allow Bravo Team to participate in any other campaign of the Ground Branch.

Later, Davis determines that the escaped gunman appears in one of the gold mines of tycoon Sankara - who was seen in the photo with Mandy. She goes on to analyze other evidence proving that SGS used oil from the field to make terrorist bombs.

The above information and evidence help Jason convince Dryden to allow Bravo to attack the mine. And here, Mandy is eventually found.

Mandy tells a long story about why she was in West Africa and how she was dragged in this situation. However, neither Bravo nor we need to believe her story because her profession is to become a professional liar. Even with Bravo, Mandy couldn't tell them CIA's secrets.