Dec 22, 2021

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 7: Afghanistan - the Land of the Past 🎥

In Episode 6 of Seal Team Season 5 - "What's Past Is Prologue", Bravo Team conducts a swift operation in Afghanistan to rescue a CIA agent being held captive by the Taliban after being exposed.

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The episode is set after the US completely withdrew its troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of military intervention in the country. The facilities and advanced American weapons on this land now belong to the Taliban, giving them even more advantages. Those who previously supported and helped the Americans have become the targets of hunt-down and revenge by the Taliban.

Afghanistan is Bravo Team's most frequent area of operations, and they live and fight here even longer than at home. The withdrawal of American troops make Bravo Team members feel like their efforts during the past time on this land are now meaningless.

After being rescued, the CIA agent says that another local agent is still in danger. Jason initially thinks it's not part of the plan and ignores it, but later on his way out he decides to venture to the agent's hideout to take her with him. To do this, Jason falsely reports to Sato that the route is ambushed, so he has to turn around.

Clay makes up with his father after the old man gets seriously ill; Clay and his wife are expecting a baby girl born in the style of the Bravo family – "the first is all girls". The Rays help a homeless Navy veteran. Davis develops her emotions for a colleague at SOCOM. Meanwhile, Sonny decides to move in with his daughter's mother.

In the most important development, there are some dramatic, violent but romantic events taking place in Jason's apartment, with the participation of agent Mandy.