Dec 22, 2021

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 8: Which medal for Jason ? 720 🎥

In Episode 8 Seal Team Season 5 – “Conspicuous Gallantry”, Bravo teams up with the French National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) to carry out an operation to find and eliminate terrorists in Europe .

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The episode begins with a scene in a German hospital in which the Bravo members all have minor injuries, but Trent is in an unconscious state.

In the previous opertion, the building they were fighting inside collapsed and it was Jason who saved the remaining members from the rubble. Jokingly thinking that Jason deserves a Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, Clay plays a game of recording the members' voice accounts of how Jason saved them at site to honor Jason.

Ironically, from their accounts, Clay discovers inconsistencies in the process: the location of the RPG made it impossible to cause an explosion on the east side of the building and make it to collapse; instead, it was Jason's decision to ask GIGN for an explosive detonation (EOD) to break the wall in that caused the building to collapse.

Before being discharged from the hospital, the treating doctor asks Jason to have a CT scan of his brain again to detect signs of brain injury (TBI) but he firmly refuses because he think that one time was enough and he is perfectly in good condition.