Dec 18, 2021

The Witcher Season 2 Episode 5: A Dream Call Comes To Life 🎥720

In Episode 5 of The Witcher Season 2 - Turn Your Back, Yennefer saves Jaskier from the torture of assassin Rience; Vesemir uses Ciri's elf blood to process mutagen.

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Mage - Assassin Rience

Rience attended Vilgefortz's Ban Ard Magic Academy for two years, but was expelled for petty theft. He was later recruited for the Kaedwenian intelligence and trained as an assassin. Rience has a magical ability of calling a fire attack.

Some time later, he was imprisoned by Queen Calanthe of Cintra and sentenced to 10 years for some debts. During his imprisonment, a mysterious figure through Lydia paý the entire debt to free Rience with condition he must capture Ciri.

Yennefer saves Jaskier

Not willing to leave her friend in danger, Yennefer decides to stay in search of Jaskier instead of boarding the ship with Cahir to Cintra. She pays a prostitute to help her find clues about Jaskier whom she believes has been taken by soldiers. This prostitute  comes back with no news but gives a very good suggestion that "if you lose someone, go back to them where you first met them".

Yennefer returns to the old tavern and finds Jaskier being tortured by Rience who is trying to get information about Geralt and Ciri. Yen uses a trick to spray alcohol on his face when he deploys the flames, causing him to be burnt on the face.

Yen and Jaskier escape Rience but continue to be hunted. The said prostitute waves Yen into a house, but it turned out to be a trap to hand her over to soldiers. This woman sells Yen out to get some bounty from the wanted notice.

Yen is about to be executed and the Deathless Mother appears as Ciri; asks her to take Ciri to a cleft outside of Cintra, in exchange for her having her magic restored.

Ciri with the blood of Elder to make mutagen

Wishing to resume the training of new generations of witchers, Vesemir seeks to convince Triss and Ciri to use Ciri's blood to create mutagen. Ciri agrees on the condition that she would be the first to be injected with the substance in order to become a witcher.

While preparing for the injection, Ciri feels anxious, Triss uses dream magic to bring Ciri into her deepest memory to find out the source of Ciri's power.

Instead of merely being outsiders observing the dream scene, Triss and Ciri suddenly turn into characters in the dream, where Ciri meets her parents and ancestors. Triss is attacked, a caravan of horsemen rushes toward them … Ciri panics and calls out Geralt's name.

In real life, Ciri's call causes the monoliths at the place where Geralt and Istredd (Royce Pierreson) are researching to suddenly gather and create the dragon-shaped monster Chernobog. 

Geralt asks Istredd to use magic to create a portal to return to the castle in time, preventing Ciri from injecting the mutagen.





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