Dec 25, 2021

The Witcher: Why the Wild Hunts Target Princess Cirilla? 💃

In The Witcher series, the Wild Hunts are one of the forces actively hunting Ciri, and they become Ciri's constant obsession. In the final episode of Season 2, when drawn in the home world of the Deathless Mother, Ciri once again faced these horse riders.

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The concept of multiverse, parallel worlds has constantly appeared in recent movies: Marvel movies, DC movies, His Dark Materials, Lucifer … However, the concept is not new, but it has appeared quite often in European literatures and comic books since the mid-20th century, which have now been adapted for cinema.

The concept of multiple worlds/spheres  also exists in The Witcher Universe.

In Season 2 of the series, the new monsters are mostly from other worlds: the Voleth Meir (Deathless Mother), the tree-shaped Leshy monster, the Chernobog dragon… Since they're unfamiliar, Geralt finds it harder to fight against them.

The Monoliths which are scattered across the Continent, one even in the lobby of Kaer Morhen Castle, turns out to be portals between worlds. In episode 8, while trying to push the Deathless Mother back to her world, Geralt, Yen, and Ciri were drawn into a strange land - and that is the home of the Wild Hunts.

Origin of the Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt's costumes make it easy for observers to mistake them for the undead or zombie or ghost, without flesh, but in fact they belong to a race of the Elves.

Shared the same ancestors, the Wild Hunt, also known as the Wraith of Mörhogg in the local dialect, belong to the Aen Elle clan, while the Elves now living on the Continent belong to the Aen Seidhe clan. Thousands of years ago, the Wild Hunts left the Continent to another world, where there were two dominant species at that time, humans and Unicorns.

The Wild Hunts gradually exterminated the humans of this world, and turned the Unicorns into their followers, in fact their mounts. Later, in a somewhat harsh world, the Wild Hunts need slaves to serve them, while Unicorns are unlikely to become useful slaves. The Wild Hunts seek to cross over to other worlds to capture humans and even the Aen Seidhe Elves as slaves.

In The Witcher, the Unicorns are intellectually underdeveloped compared to humans and elves, but they have the special ability to open transverse portals and travel across worlds. Wild Hunt use Unicorns for their slave-hunting goals.

Why do the Wild Hunt target Ciri?

Wild Hunt's slave hunting also faced many difficulties. The Unicorns hate Wild Hunt so they rarely cooperate; opening the portals across the world is not a simple thing, and only a few Wild Hunts pass through the portals at a time. They only catch a few slaves after each hunt.

After discovering that Ciri has the Elder blood, they changed their focus from the normal slave hunting to focusing on capturing Ciri.

The goal of the Wild Hunts is to obtain Ciri's Elder blood to make a special potion (like the Witchers' mutagen), making them more powerful. They also want to use Ciri's power to open the portals to slaughter and conquer other worlds.

In Episode 8 Season 2, it seems that Voleth Meir (Deathless Mother) has possessed the Alpha of the Wild Hunt or Voleth Meir is actually a Wild Hunt. It's likelyy that in Season 3 Ciri would continue to be the hunt target of the Wild Hunt, more aggressively.