Mar 23, 2022

Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 8: Portal to the Inverse [Review]

In Episode 8 of Superman & Lois Season 2 - "Into Oblivion", with the help of Anderson, Ally uses the pendant from Superman Bizarro's inverse world to open a portal to send her people forward.

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The portal is created at the end of the tunnel of the X-Kryptonite mine that Bizarro used to reach the current Earth. Superman appears to stop them, but only in time to keep Ally and Chrissy remained before the portal closes. Ally is detained at the Department of Defense and questioned by General Sam but her master trick of mind keeps him hot-tempered all the time.

Thinking that Lucy was among those who had been sucked into the transverse portal, General Sam and Lois express much grief. However, Lucy suddenly knocks on Lois's door, but in the end it is just another drama to rescue Ally.

Jonnathan is determined not to disclose the origin of the ice inhalers to protect his girlfriend Candice. He is finally expelled from school and has to switch to online learning as per the arrangement by Lois, and at the same time has to work at a grocery store. Clark knows how to deal with his child!

Trouble continues when the supplier of the ice inhalers for Candice keeps chasing after her to ask for his money.

Sofia Hasmik ... Chrissy Beppo, Editor of the Smallville Gazette 

Tyler Hoechlin ... Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman /  "Bizarro" Superman

Samantha Di Francesco ... Candice Pergande, Jordan Elsass ... Jonathan Kent 

Jenna Dewan ... Lucy Lane

Ian Bohen ... Mitch Anderson

Jordan Elsass ... Jonathan Kent 

Rya Kihlstedt ... Ally Allston

Ian Bohen ... Mitch Anderson

Elizabeth Tulloch ... Lois Lane


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