FILMELYπŸ¦‹: The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14: New Masks on the Same Faces [Review]

Mar 20, 2022

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 14: New Masks on the Same Faces [Review]

In the episode "The Rotten Core" of the series The Walking Dead Season 11, Meggie's allies teamed up with the people in the apartment to eliminate the Commonwealth's guards one by one.

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Aaron once again survives because his enemy pulls the trigger but the gun runs out of ammo. He seems to be the luckiest character in the recent TWD Universe. Assassin Carlson enjoys a more tragic ending than his victims'.

The surprise is that Negan is married to Annie and they are expecting their first child. It seems that the people in the apartment building will take refuge in Alexandria to avoid Lance's attacks later.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Rosita are forced into a house surrounded by herb of zombies, by Sebastian - the bastard and useless son of Governor Pamela. This is the house of a rich bank president, and Sebastian wants to get money in it to spend on, after his credit card was cut by Pamela.

Daryl and Rosita might not have escaped the house without Carol and Mercer coming to help. Before that, Daryl and Carol had a "date", a friendly one maybe; and since Daryl didn't show up, Carol thought something was wrong with him.

At the end of the episode, the culprit of the Commonwealth weapons truck robbery is revealed to be Leah, in the brutal shape and bloody style of a lone white-haired witch of revenge.

Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Greene

Medina Senghore ... Annie

Teo Rapp-Olsson ... Sebastian Milton

Ross Marquand ... Aaron

Ross Marquand ... Aaron

Lauren Cohan ... Maggie Greene

Lynn Collins ... Leah Shaw

Lynn Collins ... Leah Shaw

Cassady McClincy ... Lydia